Tallipoosa to Pascola, MO

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    Talipoosa to Pascola, Mo.-

    M.P.- Station---- Blt.- Aban P.C.--- County-
    199.6 Tallipoosa- 1900 1930 SLM&S New Madrid
    202.2 Frailey---- 1900 1934 SLM&S New Madrid
    209.? Garver---- 1900 1934 SLM&S New Madrid
    209.9 Hitchcock- 1900 1934 SLM&S New Madrid?
    210.3 No.Wardell 1900 1934 SLM&S Pemiscot
    210.4 Wardell--- 1900 1935 SLM&S Pemiscot
    211.3 Keokuk---- 1900 1935 SLM&S Pemiscot
    212.? Tully------ 1900 1935 SLM&S Pemiscot
    212.7 Ewell's---- 1900 1935 SLM&S Pemiscot
    213.3 Potts----- 1900 1935 SLM&S Pemiscot
    216.8 Pascola--- 1900 1935 SLM&S Pemiscot

    Predecessor Company-
    1) SLM&S-St.Louis, Morehouse & Southern RR

    1) Connects with Brooks Junction, MO. to Leachville , AR. branch at Tallipoosa.
    2) Connects with Hayti to Kennett, MO. branch at Pascola.
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    I am curious what the source is for this information. Does anyone have this branch on a timetable? I have it on a couple of maps (1910 & 1918) but can someone check and see when it drops of the frisco maps? Thanks for your help. I am writing a history of the St. Louis, Morehouse and Southern as I live in a community through which this railroad passed.

    I know that Louis Houck did not complete this portion of the railroad contract made with the Himmelberger-Luce (later Harrison) Lumber Company and that the lumber company had to reach an agreement with the St. Louis and Gulf and the Frisco for the completion of this line in 1903. The line seems to have been finished in late 1903 or 04. However, it was abandoned along time. The information here has 1934 to 35 which may indeed be correct, but the source would be helpful if somone has it.


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    According to "The Manual Of Information for Guests on the Investor's Special July 12-13-14, 1955", "published" by the Frisco that year, the Deering Branch was retired during 1934-35. For further precision perhaps, the Springfield Library's digital collection of the Frisco Employees' Magazine would help. Notations on abandonments were sometimes noted.

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    GenBap -
    Roger Taylor has a "master" list of abandonments on the website at


    I found his document and drilling down further from the branch list and Karl's information, it notes the abandonments proceeded as follows:

    1930-Tallipoosa to Frailey, MO. 2.59-miles
    1934-Frailey to Wardell, MO. 8.11-miles
    1935-Pascola to Wardell, MO. 6.4-miles

    I'm one River Division folk who'll look forward to hearing more about your research efforts!
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    Ah, the sources! I got them form a variety of places.
    1) A 1926 passenger timetable that I purchased from the Frisco Museum in 1990. The mileposts are from that timetable, only a employee timetable would list the actual mileposts. Good luck finding a pre-1930 employee TT, I've never seen one.
    2) Frisco Museum All Aboard magazine June/July 1990-Feb./March 1991 ran a series on the River Division that has a lot of good info in it. Although the station locations are kinda vague. Frailey, for example, is listed as TH205, which means it is near MP 205. That is why I used the 1926 TT for the mileposts, for an exact location. I was a little suprised that the 2nd line from Hayti to Caruthersville (abandoned in 1906) wasn't included.
    3) Frisco Museum All Aboard magazine April/May 1991 Page 10 published an abandonment map listing the dates and mileage.
    4) Frisco corporate records from the University of Missouri-
    A) #424 Box 36 has an Memoranda of predecessor companies as of 10/15/1907.
    B) #519 Box 46 has an construction/abandonment list as of 3/17/1939.
    5) There are probably more that I can't remember off hand.

    The University of Missouri lists one item on the St.Louis, Morehouse & Southern (544 Box #48). Minutes from the board of directors meetings from June 8, 1899 to Feb.25, 1904. Everything you mentioned in your 2nd paragraph is listed in the overview.
    I also use terraserver, mapquest & maptech to locate the abandoned lines. http://gazetteer.midwestplaces.com/ lists some of the locations along with GPS quardinents which was a big help locating DeCamp, MO. I posted a lot of this stuff years ago and it needs to be updated, however the website changed the format last year and I had to register under a new handle so I can't edit it. I can't believe I forgot to add the connection with Deering Branch.
    Good luck and let us know where we can get a copy when you are done.

    Roger R. Taylor
    Raytown, MO.
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    Thanks for all the helpful information. I have been to Rolla and have all the mintues from the St. Louis, Morehouse and Southern as well as information concerning its sell to the St. Louis and Gulf and then shortly thereafter to the St. Louis, Memphis and Southeastern. I have also been going through all the Houck correspondence at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau. I have finished 1899, 1900 and am presently going through 1901 - their Houck collection is extensive.

    He is building a couple of lines during this time - a couple in the same general area. The St. Louis, Morehouse and Southern and the Clarkton Branch of the St. Louis, Kennett and Southern which would meet at Tallapoosa (Tallipoosa) - apparently named after a town in Georgia where a Mr. Sturdivent lived with whom Houck had an on going correspondence during at least 1901 and perhaps beyond.

    Thanks again for the sources and information. If anyone has specific information relating to Risco, MO I would appreciate hearing from you.

    Mark Powell
    Risco, MO

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