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    Do I remember reading or hearing of one of the Frisco's SD45s that was involved in an accident which resulted in the engineer's windshield getting replaced with standard (non L-shape) windshield? If so, which one? I have a project in mind.
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    Re: Which SD45?

    I have found a picture of BN #6664 still in Frisco livery with a standard window. It was formerly #915, but the question is, when did it ge the cab re-work?

    Same applies to BN #6656, formerly #906, and I also have photos of #901 and #914 with a standard windshield.

    Can anyone shed light on when these units were converted?
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    Re: Which SD45?

    Keith, p. 117 of "Frisco in Color" shows #915 in February, 1979 near Koshkonong, MO with the L-shaped engineer's window still intact.

    There is a separate caption accompanying a 5-25-1979 photo of #922 at MP 196 of the River Division, sporting the L-window. The caption notes: "The 'L' shaped engineer's window is conspicuous, but increasingly expensive to maintain at this point. From 1979 to the end of independence, there was a program afoot to replace them with conventional glass."

    An accident would certainly seem to be a convenient reason for a window replacement.

    The Cannon & Co. thinwall cab kits from years ago used to include an option for an L-shaped window. Do they still even manufacture/market these kits?

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    Re: Which SD45?

    I have used the window posts from scrap or extra Athearn cabs to do this modification before. Just be sure that when you cut the post off the donor cab, you cut it so the post will fit around the curve at the bottom of the cab window opening having a nice straight line for the glazing in front of the hoghead. I suppose a person could use Cannon for that modification too, might be even easier.
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    Re: Which SD45?

    Cannon 191-1501 is a Dash 2 50/60/70 series cab, possibly not exactly the same used on the SD45, but it looks like it comes with two front walls, one with the L-window, one with a standard window.

    Cannon 191-1502 is a 35/40 series cab, with only the square front window wall.


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    I thought I'd bump this thread to see if we can get more information relating to when any of the SD45s got their original engineer's windshield replaced.

    It looks like most of the conversions happened post November 1980, but that is only going by most of the pictures I have seen.
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    On page 142 of "Frisco Diesel Power" by Marre and Harper there is a photo of SD45 901 with the replacement window. The caption states a date of photo as October 1979. Marre says that this was an engine that had been in an accident with the nose section having been rebuilt.
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    I show the 901's window replaced 1/24/79, there was another #924 (I think) with a 4-piece windshield. Most of the others were done by BN after the merger.


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