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Discussion in 'General' started by ariehl, Dec 24, 2011.

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    I'm not new to "All aboard" but I haven't interacted much since joining. My grandfather, Andy Riehl, started with the Frisco in Poplar Bluff around 1916 and moved to Chaffee in 1929. He remained there until his retirement in 1959. He made engineer in 1933. I was born in 1949 and remember him best as engineer on the passenger run from Chaffee to St. Louis. Anytime I saw him running the passenger line, he wore a starched white shirt and bow tie. I also remember him talking about Hoxie and Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. I'm in the early planning stage to build an N-scale from Cape to Oran,
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    In that case, welcome back aboard!
    There are a number of us here that either live or grew up in the Cape/Chaffee area. Among those but not limited to are:
    Ken McElreath (kenmc)
    Chris Abernathy (yardmaster)
    Tim Cannon (Tim Cannon)
    Karl Brand (Karl)
    Jim James (Jim James)
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    What period will you be modeling? Always glad to see more N scalers doing Frisco.
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    Welcome aboard, Al. Always good to see folks with River Division connections!

    Best Regards,

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