Query re. KCC&S/Leaky Roof freight operations?

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  1. Does anybody in the group have any detailed information about the freight operations of the Kansas City, Clinton & Springfield prior to its absorption into the Frisco?

    I've already looked over the Eastern Division timetables from 1933 and later that Karl has posted. They're useful, but I'm more interested in the KCC&S's freight operations before the line was severed between Clinton and Deepwater, and before its operations were coordinated with the parallel KCO&S/Frisco "High Line".

    I've also looked over Mike Good's set of webpages about the railroads of Clinton, MIssouri. ( http://tacnet.missouri.org/history/railroads/index.html ). He has some excellent maps, newspaper accounts, and public/passenger timetables, but I didn't see any schedule of freight operations. The KCC&S operating statistics from his page provide some figures on total freight train miles per mile of track per day, which give a general idea of the average density of freight operation. The figures cited suggest that about one freight in each direction daily was the average density, but I would like something with a bit more detail.

    Information gleaned from the newspaper accounts on Good's set of webpages: "When train No. 84, north-bound - the regular daily freight - on the Memphis, arrived here shortly after 12 o'clock to-day, it contained four cars which were to be transferred to the M. K. & T. road." -- from the Clinton Advocate, Jan. 17, 1889.

    Anybody have any more detail? I've love to see an employee's timetable, but I'd settle for anything I can get!

    Bradley A. Scott
  2. Peddling Joe

    Peddling Joe Frisco Employee

    The Olathe Naval Base reportedly used some of the original KC,C&S tracks. After it closed down, R.D. Long Contracting Company, Inc. was one of several companies that had facilities in some of the vacant buildings. Looking at R. (Richard aka Dick) D. Long's business I dated Apr/88 it shows his address as
    One Industrial Parkway
    Industrial Airport Kansas 66031

    Dick was involved in a number of projects during his career including rehabbing the Panama Canal RY and also considerable work at the Hawthorne, Nevada Military Base. I believe he called KC his home?

    My guess is some of the original KC,C&S tracks are still in service at the Olathe industrial site?
    In searching the maps, I am unable to determine this.

    After the base closed down, a RR contractor (I believe R. L. Long

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