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    I am trying to catalog system public timetable covers used by Frisco from roughly 1900 until 1967. For many years, a black cover with red Frisco logo was standard, but within that group, there were differences.

    Circa 1903-1905 had Frisco System logo, through the Southeast and the Southwest
    Circa 1907-1909 had Frisco logo - Though the Southwest
    Circa 1910-1912 had Frisco Lines logo, SL&SF and C&EI - To and From the Southwest, South and Southeast
    Circa 1913-1917 had Frisco Lines logo, SL&SF - To and From the Southwest, South and Southeast
    Circa 1918-1920 was black and white, USRA timetable
    By 11-1920, had Frisco Lines logo, Through the States of MO-KS-AR-OK-TX-TN-MS-AL
    10-1921 (and possibly others) featured the KC-Florida Special and the cities it served
    10-1922 through 4-1935 was back to the 11-1920 style, Through the States, etc.
    7-1935-10-1941 had Frisco Lines logo with red/white cover
    3-1942 to 6-1949 had Frisco Lines logo, Red-White-Blue V for Victory style cover
    7-1949 through 8-1954 had Frisco logo in black, yellow cover
    12-1954 through 10-1965 had Frisco logo, colorful train scene cover
    were no timetables issued in 1966?
    8-1967 timetable was the last, small pocket size, bi-fold white paper with blue ink

    A scan of the 1921 KC-Florida Special Timetable is attached. Can anyone refine any of these dates, or confirm other dates that the KC-Florida Special cover was used? Were other trains similarly featured?

    Bill Pollard

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    Bill, it would be nice for you to add complete scans of PTT timetables you might have to the PTT Timetables sub-forum.
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  3. meteor910

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    Bill -
    Correct, no Frisco PTT was issued in 1966. The last prior one was Oct 1965. The next, and last as you note, was issued Aug 1967.

    The best recent PTT year was 1957, when four issues, each both full and condensed, were published. The late 1920's through the end of WW-2 often saw many issues, as many as eight in a given year.
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    Has anyone compiled a list/compendium of Frisco public timetables, using the issue number that was often in the lower left corner of the back cover? I believe the issue numbers disappeared in 1935.
  5. klrwhizkid

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    Bill, not to my knowledge. I would hope that if someone had, the list would be posted in the PTT sub-forum.
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  6. meteor910

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    I'm surprised there is no member of NAOTC in I was a member for several years back when I was hot to trot assembling my PTT collection - mostly Frisco but several other roads, mainly midwest, to a lessor degree. NAOTC published a large compendium for their members of the PTT issues of every railroad in the US. They were not always 100% complete, but usually were judged to be close. I was never that interested in collecting ETT's, but they were in to that as well, so I didn't subscribe to that one.

    Unfortunately, I sold my NAOTC compendium in our estate sale in 2016 before moving to Florida ..... for a very nice price, so don't get mad at me!

    I do have a list of my Frisco PTT collection, which is 94% complete vs the NAOTC PTT compendium back to 1928. It includes the condensed issues as well. I don't have many earlier than 1928, however. My list also notes the PTT's back to 1928 that I don't have - the missing 6% so to speak. I haven't paid much attention to the collection since relocating to Florida - I'm too busy paying attention to possible hurricanes for half of each year!

    I'm not sure I still have the file for the PTT collection. I do have a paper copy. The last update was July, 2016, before we moved.

    Ask and I shall respond if you have questions, but keep them simple as I don't have the NAOTC compendium. Quite possibly it is still available to new members.

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  7. meteor910

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    FYI, I intended to advise just what NAOTC is, but left it out of my post above as it slipped my mind - National Association Of Timetable Collectors. Their web address is simple -
    If you take a look at their web page, note the nice head logo they have. Our favorite railroad just never seems to fail to impress rail fans! Note NAOTC also includes airlines, and I think, bus lines and cruise lines also, but to a lessor degree.

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  8. Peddling Joe

    Peddling Joe Frisco Employee

    The Western Railway Museum in Siusun City, CA has gifted The Railroad Historical Museum, Inc. with several
    Frisco public timetables. Quick glance indicates they are from 1890 to 1963. Some are in mint condition and
    a few are duplicates.

    Our museum resources are limited and we will be willing to discuss method/methods to assure these are
    made available to our visitors and others interested parties.

    Joe G. Felin
    Vice President
    The Railroad Historical Museum, Inc.
    Springfield, MO
  9. klrwhizkid

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    Joe, the best way is to scan them into pdf files and then post them in the appropriate locations here. You could direct parties interested in timetables to this forum. If you are willing to loan them to me, I can get them scanned and posted here as well as stored on digital media for your use and then return them to you.

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