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  1. Photos of Frisco's Pittsburg KS Station


    Frisco Depot Pittsburg, Ks.JPG Frisco Depot Pittsburg, Ks 1899.jpg Frisco Depot Pittsburg, Ks 1929.jpg
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    :) Pittsburg Ks - 1923 Sanborn map

    Pittsburg Ks Station 1923 b.jpg
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    :) Pittsburg Ks Station site

    FYI the KCS shop & yards have been condemed may be torn down there soon, according to some locals

    Pittsburg Ks Station site No.1 2009.jpg Pittsburg Ks Station site No.2 2009.jpg
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    Indeed the KCS shops were tore down in 2010.
    Train 021.jpg

    Shot looking from the south,
    Train 020.jpg
    Looking off the 21st St. Overpass
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    Photos of Frisco's Freight Depot on East 4th Street (Hwy 126) between Locust and Elm. Taken 2009.
    New 027.jpg
    Close up of Depot Sign on side of building
    Train 014.jpg
    Frisco Freight Depot Building
    Train 008.jpg
    Street side loading docks on 4th Street
    Train 016.jpg
    Close up of Loading Dock Doors
    Train 006.jpg
    Railroad side loading doors. Rails have been removed.
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    Pittsburg Frisco Passenger Depot.jpg
    "Frisco System" Railway Passenger Station. Year not known.
    Frisco Train.jpg
    Year not known.
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  7. Any photos of the Frisco Freight Depot at Pittsburg, KS in the olden days available?
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    The Sanborn map shows the depot complex being along 2nd between Pine and Broadway, and a check on google maps shows that might be right. But now the freight depot is setting on 4th between locus and elm. Anyone have a story on that? Looking at trackage maybe KCS moved it up and used it off that spur that is still partially there.
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  9. Looking for a higher resolution photo of the Frisco Railway Passenger Train Depot in the 1950s.
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    If such a photo exists, I can't find it anywhere.
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