Pittsburg Kansas Frisco Freight Depot

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    I don't know what the building is being used for now. The siding came up to the rear of the building and the freight was loaded out the doors toward the street. The street has been widened and a side walk and curb put in. It is located on East 4th Street between Locust and Elm Streets.

    Train 013.jpg Train 008.jpg Train 007.jpg
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    Here is a closeup of the detail of the sign on the building.

    Train 012.jpg
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    :) This is location of the Freight Building - 1930 Sanborn map and some recent photos of the building in 2009.

    Pittsburg Ks 1923 Freight Station b.jpg Frisco Freight  Depot Pittsburg Ks 2009.jpg Frisco Freight  Depot Pittsburg Ks 2009 no.3.jpg Frisco Freight  Depot Pittsburg Ks 2009 no.2.jpg Frisco Freight  Depot Pittsburg Ks 2009 no.4.jpg
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  4. Do you have any old photos of this building in the olden days?

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