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    Man its sure a busy place.
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    I believe it is the South Yard, with the left end of the panorama looking west. Near the left edge of the left scan, there is a tall building beyond two smoke stacks and a closer building down lower with two rows of four windows. There is a hill side to the left as well as a creek. If you use Google Earth and place yourself atop the Benton Avenue overpass and look to the west southwest, you can see a tall building with the appropriate top and a closer building with the two rows of four windows, however that building has had an addition added to the north side.
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    The twin chimneys at the extreme left belong to the original Springfield Brewing Company. Just to the right of that is the MOP two-stall wood roundhouse which is made (in HO) by American Model builders. I like the early cast-frame trucks being salvaged in the foreground and what may be "Frisco Refrigerator Line" cars in the distant background. Al Westerfield dated the photo as being shot in 1915, or soon after based on the Rock Island gondola lettering scheme. The big erecting hall in the distance burned in 1927, or 1928. The Frisco Employee's magazine has more detailed shots of this area and the architecture of the "Gulf" shop buildings reminds me of what a modeler would dream up.
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  5. Here's a 1910 Sanborn Fire Insurance map image of the south yard area, courtesy of the University of Missouri's website. North is to the left, and the inset section at upper right is not in its actual location in relation to the Frisco shops. Several major structures (large machine shop, coaling tower in the background, brick storehouse, a couple of wooden lumber sheds) match up to the photo. The creek is visible at left in the photograph. There are several structures on the photo that aren't on the map. This could reflect actual changes between 1910 and the date of the photograph, or they might have been omitted from the Sanborn map due to small size or perceived insignificance.
    Springfield SLSF south yard 1910.jpg
    The Springfield Brewery Company, shown in a separate inset section, is evidently at the intersection of Fort and College streets, which places it somewhat to the southwest. This is consistent with the location of the large structure in the photo that John Sanders has identified as the brewery.

    The structure identified as the MoPac enginehouse is not shown. It might not have been built yet in 1910, or it might be just outside of the mapped area.
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