New West Bottoms 1964 SLSF/MP Layout

Discussion in 'Divisions' started by mbowline, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. mbowline

    mbowline Mike Bowline bottomslover

    Several have suggested using the foamcore viaduct placeholder model as a base for the future "real" model. I honesty had not considered that, and I think it is a good idea. When it is time to upgrade the placeholder to the final model, I will certainly investigate it. I'm all for saving work if possible. In the future, the arch shape may not bother me so badly that I won't consider re-using it. Some styrene detail pieces, covering the foam edges, re-painting - it would look good. And because it is such an icon, I REALLY want it to look good. Thanks for the ideas.
  2. Rancho Bob

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    I will add one other idea that seems to escape "KC West Bottoms" may wish to add. A little detail, but very prominent if you've driven around the bottoms. The 1951 flood high water marks on the buildings....and some even have the level actually noted. I know there's one down by Doc's Caboose that does, but it's been so long since I was in KC I cannot remember which building.

    By the way, you could also model me being kicked out of the GM&O yard in 1964 by the rr police. Strangely enough, the ONLY railroad in Kansas City that ever asked me to leave the premises and I actually was 10 yards away from their bounday marker at the time taking pix.

    Buck Dean
  3. yardmaster

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    Buck -
    That's a neat idea. When we talk about modeling to establish a sense of time, that's a subtle-but-firm detail that could go a long way!

    I'm still kicking myself for missing a Mark Davidson-led tour of the West Bottoms a couple of years ago.

    Best Regards,
  4. mark

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    The offer of a guided tour of the Kansas City area is not just a one time deal.

    We are always willing to make arrangements to host a tour. There are several Frisco Folks in town willing to help. Mike Bowline was just the latest to visit with a specific interest in the West Bottoms. Besides, we keep getting converts to some good old Rosedale Bar-B-Que.

    We all enjoy meeting new folks and having good fellowship!

    Hope this helps.


  5. mbowline

    mbowline Mike Bowline bottomslover

    The day I spent in KC with Mark S, Jim S, Chuck H, Keith R and others was well worth the 600-mile drive from Denver. Rosedale BBQ just topped it off. What a blessing it is to know people who are so willing to share their knowledge with others. My railroad and my enjoyment of the hobby was increased dramatically!
  6. Boomer John

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    Have you done any investigation of what some of these companies did and what the inbound/outbound traffic might be. For example, the two Crooks warehouses I would assume did basically the same thing, kind of like an early Fedx. Also, not too sure of what all those seed companies did. Obviously hauled seed out in boxcars, but what else between all those Rudy Patrick buildings. I can help you with Universal Supply, since the signage is still visable on the building; Tappan Ranges, Sylvania TV's. I am visualizing a 99% boxcar railroad.

  7. mbowline

    mbowline Mike Bowline bottomslover

    John, that's a great question. I have done research only to the point of determining an industry's building size, exterior look/materials, and location. This only covers a small portion of the knowledge one needs to accurately model a specific industry within a specific timeframe. So I have a lot to learn.

    For example: Continental Oil Company had a facility on St Louis Ave on the SLSF tracks near Helmer's Furniture Mfg and Sunshine Biscuit. In every photo I have seen, I see nothing that indicates rail service, much less what type of car was used. I have not seen anything to lead me to think tank cars served this building. Who knows, maybe they were on the railroad tracks but had no rail service? Do any readers know about Conitnental Oil Co in the bottoms?

    John, I agree with you that most of the bottoms industries (especially those I am modeling) were 99% boxcar-served. But I would like to model a little variety if it is prototypical.

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