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Discussion in 'General' started by Joe Davis, Jul 23, 2010.

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    I am with the Barton County Historical Society here in Lamar, MO and we have an old photo we are trying to ID. Not sure if it is the Frisco line or Mo-Pac line or neither. I thought I would start with the passenger cars and see if I could date them. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Karl

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    It would be helpful if you could post an image with a higher resolution.

    If you are asking to date the photograh the freight cars and the automobiles would provide better clues with that.

    If you are asking about the builder's date for the passenger cars, that's going to be more difficult. The one thing that stands out are the electric conduits on the roof which are a post-construction feature.

    There also appears to be a highway overpass in the background. That should also help locate the photo.
  3. Joe Davis

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  4. FriscoGeorge

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    Based on the automobiles in the photo I would guess that this was during the 1920's, probably around 1925, but that is just a guess. The passenger cars appear to be Pullman type, I can't tell the road name, but they look correct for the Frisco.
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    1) Based on your input, Joe, we know it is Lamar.

    2) Based on the foliage and attire we know it is either mid-spring, summer or very early fall.

    3) Based on the two possible orientations of track at Lamar (MoP ran North/South and Frisco ran East-Southeast, West-Northwest) the length and angle of the shadows would indicate that the picture was taken either;
    a] late morning (near noon) facing west
    b] early morning facing south
    c] afternoon facing north

    4) Looking at Sanborn maps from November 1915, I am guessing that the picture was taken of a northbound train on what was the MoP tracks at either Pacific or 1st St North based on the sidings and buildings along the sidings.

    The map at this link is what sealed it for me:

    The Frisco does not appear to have sidings in the appropriate orientation and the Frisco depot was located between the Main and sidings.
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    I'm a Lamar Native and I'm not sure. Don't recognize anything in the photo. Sure it was taken in Lamar? In Lamar, dating back I think the Frisco would have had double track from I guess about 1/4 west of and east of the station. I don't think the Mop Ever Double main lined though town. But that siding with the box cars is throwing me off. I'm wanting to say it wasn't taken in Lamar cause nothing fits.

    edit: The only over pass over railroad tracks in Lamar would been over the Frisco
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  7. DanHyde

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    I agree on the mid twenties. One of the cars appears to have solid steel wheels, something Chevrolet introduced then. Also, all the men in white skimmers [ straw hats ] was also a twenties thing.
    My two cents,
  8. Iantha_Branch

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    Ok, then if it's confirmed mid 20's then I don't think it can be Lamar. Now that I've got some sleep and can think and see clearly I looked at the picture again. I think that "over pass" is more like a bridge over a creek. Besides why would there be an overpass over the tracks if 160 and 71 hadn't been paved yet? I will email this to my grandpa and see what he thinks.
  9. Karl

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    I second Keith's opinion
  10. Iantha_Branch

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    I took a closer look at the photo and the Suborn map. But I noticed the building next to the cars would be blocking the way of the tracks to go on south to the depot, or visa virsa.
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  11. wmrx

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    I believe that Keith is right on the money. I ran over this portion of the MP for many years as a trainman. The track to the left would be the siding and the track to the right is the freight house/team track which also served several industries. In the 1980s the siding was lengthened to the North and the South switch was moved Northward in order to get off all the crossings.

    Kevin Love

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