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    From Richard Crabtree on the Frisco Rails Across Missouri Facebook group:
    Here is a little town most never heard of Moselle, Missouri. Moselle had its start in 1849 when a blast furnace was built at the site. The community most likely was named after Moselle, France. A post office called Moselle was established in 1860, and remained in operation until 1971
    Photo 1) A birdseye view of Moselle, Missouri
    Photo 2) "bad copy" of the Frisco Depot in Moselle, Missouriaround 1900.
    Photo 3) Frisco Depot in Moselle, Missouri
    Moselle Mo Birds Eye view.jpg Frisco Depot Moselle Mo 1900.jpg Frisco Depot Moselle Mo 1960s.jpg Moselle Mo topo map.jpg around 1960s
    Photo 4) 1969 Topographical map of Moselle, Missouri
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    I grew up in Moselle maybe 20 feet from the tracks. We lost a lot of dogs to the trains and also a cow and a pony. To this day can still sleep through the long whistles from overnight trains. The depot was just a foundation when I lived there, nice to see the photos of it.
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    Going west, this is where you started getting your run at Iron Hill.
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