Looking for Frisco caboose or freight car

Discussion in 'Swap Meet' started by friscomike, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. friscomike

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    The Texas Western is looking for a caboose or freight car to display in front of our new building. Anyone know of one?

    Mike Corley
  2. Sirfoldalot

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    What Scale, Mike? :p
  3. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    I think he means full scale--prototype.

  4. friscomike

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    Sherrel is just raggin' me, but you are correct! ~mike
  5. Might try looking for an ex-ATSF caboose that you could paint as one of the 1100 series steel cars that the SL-SF bought from the ATSF. I saw a couple of these cars for sale awhile ago.
  6. friscomike

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    Thanks Murphy. It doesn't have to be a Frisco caboose, but me, being a Frisco guy, would rather have a SLSF Caboose than a stinkin' ATSF caboose. Repainting one is a good idea though. I'd just have to keep the paint detail away from the ATSF trolls in our club.

  7. paul slavens

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    The town of Thayer Missouri cut up and scrapped thier Frisco caboose last year. Sad news. I would love to buy a 200/1200 class Frisco caboose and put it back in operating condition. The caboose at Thayer was one of those that Frisco made in 1974 out of an old 40 foot boxcar, if the caboose had been an original 200/1200 class caboose then I would have purchased it from them and brought it back to Tulsa. I recently went to Liberty Missouri to a residence that has Frisco caboose 1240 (now painted Rock Island) in the front yard , I tried to buy the 1240 but the owners were not willing to part with it. I would pay more than typical caboose value for a 200/1200 class caboose.
  8. slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger RIP 9/1/2018)

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    Where is the 'new building' located, Texas Western is moving into?

  9. friscomike

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    Howdy Jerome, The new building is a couple of blocks away at 6808 Forest Hill Drive. Here is a photo of the building with current signage which we'll replace. Best, mike

  10. slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger RIP 9/1/2018)

    slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger RIP 9/1/2018) Engineer Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

  11. Sirfoldalot

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    That is nice, Mike. How large is the building? Floor plan?
  12. April

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  13. friscomike

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    The layout space in the new building won't be as large as the TWMRC is, but it has more space for meetings, etc. The building is 4,400 SF and layout space is around 3,500. Our last layout at 650 feet of HO mainline and 350 feet of HOn3 mainline. it is going to be tricky to get that much in the new space, but we're working on it. I'll post a picture of the building layout and design concepts when I get them. Best, mike
  14. DanHyde

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    Hey, Mike,
    We saw a bunch of old outside braced cars along highway 287 between Amarillo and Ft. Worth, one of them an outside braced caboose! Don't know their situation, didn't have time to stop. Most were east of Quannah. Boy, there was a time when that caboose would have come home with me- I love basket cases, just ask my wife!!
  15. Peddling Joe

    Peddling Joe Frisco Employee

    The former Frisco/BN Caboose was still located at the American Legion facility in Republic, MO on my last trip over that way earlier in the summer. It reportedly is for sale? It has steel siding.
  16. Joseph Toth

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    Mike, what's wrong with an x-ATSF caboose that the Frisco purchased, painted and placed into service on SL-SF rails? ATSF sold a lot of their steel crummies to other roads. Even Penn Central bought ten! Then there were clones. Chicago & Alton (later GM&O) and Clinchfield rostered several. And remember, the Santa Fe WAS a joint agency for Frisco and Louisiana & Arkansas (KCS) in Dallas! Frisco operated into the E. Dallas Yard (now the DART maintenence facility). General interchange traffic was delivered by Geeps and the coal trains for Texas & Northern were handed to the L&A there as well. They usually were powered by three o/w SD45s. Coming up from the Trinity River bottoms (over Dallas Union Terminal trackage, thence onto the ATSF Cleburne-Dallas line at Tower 19) it was upgrade into E. Dallas Yard.

    The best show was when a coal train showed up in the fall after dark under a big fat Texas full moon working when the State Fair of Texas was shooting off fireworks in the Cotton Bowl! Great SD45 "stack talk" to say the least! After power was exchanged with L&A (solid F units or four GP30s) a Santa Fe yard crew would couple up behind the L&As caboose and shove the train out of the yard. The grade started at Tower 19 and crested north of E. Dallas Yard just beyond the T&P interchange. The T&P still had double track that ran from their E. Dallas Yard, past the Age of Steam railroad museum, terminating at their downtown freight office. The sound of steel wheels clattering over the T&P double diamonds was music to the ear!

    When Santa Fe ran a yard to yard transfer it ran north out of their yard, cleared the switch and shoved onto the T&Ps track. We used a caboose with a red flag by day or fusee by night stuck in the coupler. We used the "pea" whistle to warn motorists while we shoved our train towards downtown Big D over a good number of street crossings. We then made a run for the T&P yard. We used Geep7s and 9s. This was great railroading in the 70s. Sadly, it's all gone now as is the Age of Steam museum. Now in Frisco, TX, I hope that the MAR will consider obtaining a Frisco Geep and caboose for their collection. It is exciting to have the Museum of the American Railroad on the former Frisco mainline. Wouldn't Denison-Sherman-Frisco-Carrollton-Irving-Ft. Worth excursions behind a Frisco Geep just make our day?


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