Lindenwood Yard Control Tower

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    Here are 2 photos of the control tower on the north side of the Lindenwood Yard. One could gain access to it from Arsenal Street as well as climbing all the way up from the bottom. It was razed when the Arsenal Street bridge was rebuilt, circa mid 1990's. Photographs by Rich Lawler.

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    Rich's photos came to mind when I saw this ad of the Tulsa tower on The Frisco Archive:

    I, too, recall the Lindenwood tower adjacent to Arsenal back in the day, en route to Ted Drewes from my brother-in-law's old residence in Richmond Heights.

    To my actual question: does anyone have standard plans of these towers? The Lindenwood and Cherokee Yard towers look virtually identical.

    And, has anyone ever modeled one of these? I'd think that the lacy, metal part of the structure would be particiularly challenging short of photoetching one's own brass pieces.

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