KCFS&M #36 0-4-0 Switcher

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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:
    Here we see Kansas City Ft. Scott & Memphis Switcher 0-4-0 in the yards in Kansas City, Missouri. Built in the 1880s, I believe that it may have survived to become a Frisco 0-4-0 Switcher No. 3###

    Karl Brand:
    The Frisco’s antecedent roads rostered but three, four-wheeled switchers, i.e, the Gulf Road’s number 36, Manchester Class of 1880, Builder’s Number 863, Birmingham Belt Ry Number 1 and 5. Number 1, a Baldwin class of 1886, 0-4-2, was supposedly retired during 1900, but she appears in the 1903 roster as Frisco 3698. BB Ry, number 5, a Pittsburg class of 1889, 0-4-0, which lasted into the 20’s as Frisco 3698.
    The little Gulf Road 0-4-0 did not fare as well, and she did not survive the merger with the Frisco.

    KCFS&M #36 0-4-0 Switcher KC Mo.jpg
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