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    John, I notice there is quite a bit of water in the tunnel the day you were there. Both times I've been there it was pretty dry. In fact, I don't recall any water at all.
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    My impression was that it was mostly "ditch" water flowing through the tunnel - south to north. The lay of the land (on both sides) pretty much dictates that water from the row on the south side drain through to the north.

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    How exactly would I get to the tunnel. I need directions, I live in Van Buren so I don't think it would be a long way away. What road is the closest to jump onto the tracks on.:confused:
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    Take Arkansas Hwy 45 south from Fort Smith through Bonanza toward Hackett. The easiest way to get to 45 is to take Exit 14 (hwy 271) from I540 and turn south.

    I believe (NOT CERTAIN) that Bethel Road has now been extended further west from Hwy 45 (south of Bonanza) and reaches all the way to the KCS ROW just south of the tunnel and the AR/OK line. I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS, IT IS NOT SHOWN ON OLDER MAPS. IF this is correct it would be an easy way to drive almost all of the way to the tunnel.

    I know you can reach it the way I did, walking north from the former Jenson Junction on the state line. You reach it via County Road 51 (I believe that is also known as Mt. Zion road west?). It's the next "major" county road south of Bethel Road.
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    :) Thanks I'm gonna be down that way next weekend and my grandma is gonna take me there. I just needed exact directions so we don't get lost. like we did when searching for the old Frisco Greenwood depot which is now a residence in Bonanza,AR.
    Thanks again
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
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  7. I'm thinking about it. My only concern, if the owner gose nuts and attacks our car. It happened last spring when my mom was a map maker for the 2010 census. I was in the town of Kibler, AR when some guy came out and punched in my moms door and the police wanted to arrest us for trespassing when we had permission from the Federal Government to be there.:( I may start near the Jensen wye and walk up. The walk won't hurt, If i've survived marching band two years I can survive anything:p.
    thanks again for the replies.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
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    The little old lady that lives in the Rock House whose land nearly "kisses" the tunnel is very sweet, but her living relatives has advised her not to allow people to cross there anymore due to lazy people tearing up her fence.

    If you take Hwy 45 to Mt. Zion road and turn west, that will take you all the way to the tracks. Drive north (to your right) as far as you can up the access road and you'll find a place to park. From there is only 20-25 mins nice walk depending on how many times you stop to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.
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    Bethel does NOT go that far. Dead ends at a 50 year old house.
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    It's not what I would call smooth easy walking on the track so dress properly for it (my boots didn't "cut" it at all!)

    The first picture was taken after already having walked north for a while from Jenson. The tunnel is in the mountain you see in the distance, but can't be seen from here as the track curves to the right ahead.

    The second photo shows the "access road" the KCS was building on the east side of the ROW south of the tunnel. (You can see it in the distance in the first photo) I do not know that it is public access, they may have made private arrangements with someone, but it does not run back all the way to Jenson. It was my GUESS that it might connect in some way with Bethel road.

    The third photo is looking south (Jenson is "on around the corner"). Notice the new or newly redone crossing in the distance. This is NOT Jenson, it is between Jenson and the tunnel. This road has to connect in some way with Bethel or with Mt. Zion road.

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    These were all nice pics John. Thanks for sharing.

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