HIgh Street from the overpass, late 1970s

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    Two views of the High Street Yard in the late 1970s, from the overpass.
    High Street 1.jpg High Street 2.jpg
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    Nice photos.
    The overpass is actually south Lincoln blvd.
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    South High Avenue is on the east end of East Yard, MP 539.5, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    South High Avenue has at grade crossings east of the body of the yard. It is west of the Interstate 35 overpass bridges over the main and east yard leads.

    The west end of East Yard is bound by the South Lincoln Boulevard overpass. This roadway was formerly known as South Byers Avenue. As bridges and roadways were improved, widened and realigned the replacement roadway and overpass were renamed. This was the vantage point of the 2 photographs you posted. Views are looking east southeast.

    Just to its west is the railroad's North Canadian River 644' I-beam span bridge 539.8. This portion of the river was impounded by the city, opening in 2004, by a low water dam. The resulting short 7 mile recreational section was renamed (duel names) the "Oklahoma River" for the now impounded portion.

    Hope this helps.


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    I grew up in OKC. My dad, who was in the lumber business, always referred to the Frisco yard as the High Street Yard, because he used to get cars delivered to the High Street team track. In fact, my dad's office was at 1 NW 16th, and my uncle's lumber yard was at 7 NE 16th, divided by the Santa Fe. I took these photos when I was in high school, in the brief moment between getting my driver's license and finding out that girls would actually go out on dates with me. Railfanning took a distant second place after that. But thanks for the geography lesson. I haven't lived in Oklahoma City for 25 years. Sorry, after doing the math, make that 28 years.
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