Help Save Frisco Business Car "Arkansas"

Discussion in 'Business Cars' started by Tallguybry, Nov 4, 2015.

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    They would have to lower the price to almost nothing, derelict business cars are not exactly a high demand item, and scrap prices are at an all time low, the cost of moving exceeds the real value of the item too. The only way they will get it moved "now" is to call a wrecking company and pay to have it hauled away in pieces.
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    Don't know who said CSX would not move the car on its own wheels but you have to ask the right person. That car came in on its own wheels 3 years ago and got roller bear axels because CSX wouldn't take it without them. Most of the car inspectors in the area are freight car guys so they'll say no just not to mess with it. Always the immediate no before the okay we'll do it this time.

    Rumor is flying around that a local non-profit might be getting the car. So stay tuned.
  3. Anyone still interested in buying this car?

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