Headlight arrangement on E8s

Discussion in 'E8A' started by klrwhizkid, Oct 12, 2010.

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    I wonder if someone could shed some light (pardon the pun) on the actual headlight arrangement on the E8s? Do I understand correctly that the lower headlight was strictly a headlight and that the upper was a single light arrangement with a Mars light?
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    Keith -

    Yes, that is what I remember on the Racehorse E8's. The lower light fitting in the nose door was a headlight, I remember it as a dual beam. The upper light fitting in the nose was a Mars light, also a dual beam, with a clear light over a red light. My experience watching The Meteor (#9) come in to Rolla and leave for Newburg was that they ran with the clear Mars light on and the lower headlight on. During the station stop, both were turned off. At startup, the lower headlight was turned on, then the upper clear Mars light was turned on (totally cool! - you could hear the Mars motor running).

    In the event of an emergency brake application, the red Mars light would come on instead of the clear Mars light.

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    From Oklahoma City to Jones, Oklahoma, there were many unprotected road crossings, and a car-train accident was almost a weekly occurence. One engineer on the Meteor would turn on the red Mars light (along with the regular headlight) and blow the 2-longs a short and a long with the Country horn and keep the City horn blowing constantly (from the whistle sign until the crossing is occupied.
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    Uncle Pete - Please explain the city horn/country horn difference. Did the city horn use the smaller trumpets in the five-trumpet Leslie and the country horn use the bigger ones, or what?


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