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Discussion in 'GP7' started by Joseph Toth, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Please excuse my middle of the night entry of taking time before shooting the messenger. While I mentioned past volunteer group projects, much like the gentleman with the Frisco Museum experience each and every endevour takes something out of you. I saw a more complete ex-SL&SF list the other day and can not place it now. Every entry have seen on this topic has had it's very true comments and viewpoints, Cost, time, material, stress on folks in moving thing to a common place to work on, insurance, and compliance with legalities. People are never satisfied with just one item of rolling stock, and you start something it needs to be finished. If such a project recruited new membership, or taught us to work with other groups for a common good, (ie track use, and etc) you might end up with a that has a lot less trouble with Model manufacturers, and as some of us older type fall from ranks due to health and age, something might be left in our absence to keep this going? Will shut my mouth now and am sorry if it opened up any hostilities. Have to be careful here as was rated as an engineer and am now am a conductor??? If keep talking might talk myself right out of group and have enjoyed it too much!

    Ricky |-|
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    I believe that there are several of us on this forum who feel they have had great success with working with model manufacturers over the past several years. As I have said several times before on this subject, this level couldn't be accomplished without the wonderful cooperation and help of people on this forum including furnishing me plans and photos to submit to the manufacturers and purchasing the products when they are released. I for one couldn't be more satisfied.
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    You are correct. And with that I'm out of this said too much on the topic, Best Wishes Rick|-|
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    We sure don´t need another Texas wild fire! I was born in Dallas and while not living in Texas currently hope I didn´t start one with the GP7 preservation plan. This was and is an idea of mine. I don´t want to take full credit so I can get my name in the headlines. I have a pretty good idea other members have thought about this too since so many diesels have been saved across the country but not a Frisco geep. In fact, I´d like to know if other members have considered this without posting their desire to get a geep preserved in the as-delivered black and yellow scheme.

    Also, it does not have to be the to get the job done either. If any member who is associated with a museum who can get a Frisco geep for restoration I would still support the effort with a $100.00 donation despite the fact I am not a member of any museum group. I feel it is important to get a Frisco GP7 preserved before it is too late.

    I also understand how a railfan feels "ripped off" if he encounters an unfortunate situation where an official or even fellow member misuses any funds for personal gain. Regretfully this happens in our world and not just in the railfan community. There was an incident in the Dallas area several years ago that I just found out about from a good Frisco/Katy fan who now lives in Oklahoma.
    I knew the person in question and was surprised to find out how many people were used, if that is the right word, by this man. There are rumors that he has died or left the country. The IRS also had "questions" it seems.

    Indeed, such an incident leaves an ill feeling but I would never just "walk away" from the hobby or refrain from supporting an organization like or a museum group because of a "wrong doing" by an official or fellow member. These things happen in our society and while certainly not approved of, should not bring such a situation to the point of shutting down a historical society or museum.

    Regardless of how the GP7 preservation turns out, I certainly won´t loose any interest in! It would be really great if this project could become a reality but I do realize that not all things can come to fruitration. There might be so much red tape involved to prevent such a project leave this forum and get put into gear. Our world has changed dramatically from the days when a railroad donated a steam locomotive to a city, town or museum group. I know it isn´t like puchasing a model of a GP7 at your hobby shop and all there is to do is unpack same, place on track, shoot juice to track and off she goes!

    Mabie Frisco fans will get lucky and a geep will get saved afterall. If one doesn´t it will still leave a void in the hearts of most Frisco fans. It will mine!

    Joe Toth
  5. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Supporter

    This seems to have been a very lively and productive thread up to this point. I for one either had forgotten or didn't know that Watco had two ex-Frisco locomotives still operating. To me personally, if spot class GP35 #700 ever becomes available and knowing the reputation of John Chambers and the Heartland group in Carona, KS, this would definitely be a "do-able" project. Also it is good news that a GP7 being used by Amtrak has to this point avoided the torch.

    Having said that, maybe its time to move on to other subjects of conversation. We do however need to be apprised of any change in status of the above mentioned locomotives or any others that may become available by posting it to this thread.
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    What a bummer! If I had a "Bill Gates" bank account GP35 #700 would get saved as would T&P GP35 #600. I understand it has been taken out of service by Rail America. Both were "Clean Machines"! Our Frisco is equipped with roof mounted air tanks and the T&P´s was the first "Mopac" unit with the Screamin´ Eagle on its flanks. Both deserve a final resting place as they competed with the Cotton Belt´s Blue Streaks for St. Louis-Texas freight traffic.

    There seems to be something missing today that was the drama of railroading in the 60s. The fight for pig traffic is an example. Even "podunk" towns had pig ramps! Anybody know the smallest pig facility on the Frisco?


    Joe Toth
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    I apologise for my "derailment" regarding the smallest Frisco pig ramp facility being placed on this thread. I may get tar and feathered yet! Once again, I failed to put brain in gear before I engaged "mouth".

    Thanks anyway!

    Joe Toth
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    I apologize to Keith for accusing him of closing the GP35 thread which he says he did not. I thought he had because his post was the last post on that thead before it was closed. I did not accuse him of trying to close this thread. I have been out of town and only able to barely keep up with emails and an occasional and quick trip here--not enough time to properly apologize. Since my post was public, I felt it was necessary to apologize publicly.
    Terry Jankowski
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    Terry, thanks for your response, although I felt that your apology was not necessary since I understood the frustration you expressed.
  10. Joseph Toth

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    I hope the dream to preserve a Frisco GP7 doesn´t go the way of the caboose. I know it will be a bear of a project but a lot of diesels have been saved across the country to date. Would not a black and yellow geep be beautiful regardless of where she is displayed?

    Joe Toth

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