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  1. I love looking at drawings of rail yards.

    A often practice in the old Ozarks was that the R.O.W. ran down the middle of the street before the town grew up.

    At 1st Lebanon depot the town would not work with the railroad for the town to pay for the depot. So the railroad went out of the town ~ 1 to 2 miles and paid for their own depot.

    That again happened later, perhaps for another (freight?) building. The town started to move out towards and to the station as it grew up. The original main street merchants then did not do so well.

    Before the depot from the east, there was two switches, each far apart. For some reason for a couple of miles there were two very long rail routes bowing away. From one of the 2 routes they couldn't see the other tracks. Perhaps there were two customers quite well apart? There were no other spots along the sub division where that happened.

    I think I got that story when I did a google search. The two rails paralleling very far apart came seen on an old historical topo map.

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  2. Old Lebanon town is practically deserted. The first Lebanon station & site was called First Railroad Addition. The first Lebanon Town was to the west of present Lebanon.

    "An addition to old Lebanon, laid out in 1869 when the railroad reached the town but failed to come closer then one and a half miles. The town has now moved to the railroad addition, and the old town is practically deserted. So named because the railroad was the cause of the addition."

    Source: The State of Missouri Historical Society. Place Names.
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  3. The stop's "plaque" on the depot was a slang for in the Lebanon case. At the time, Frisco crews and company records during that period of the 1st town, the depot was listed by the railroad as "First Addition" ; .... The first depot was 1-1/2 miles away from (1st) Lebanon town and nothing else was there at that railroad's First Addition property. The Frisco "First Addition" name was because the town would not provide (not pay for) a depot. The 1st Lebanon town died and the new people moved into "First Addition". The new Lebanon that still exists now.
    Source: State of MO Historical Society.

  4. Was this the 1st Frisco depot ~ 1.5 miles away from the current city of Lebanon, MO ?
    Lebanon Depot "First Addition Frisco property ?

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    This is a section house.
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    There were several of the two-story section house versions in MO. Newburg and Dixon (+others) had them. I lived 100 yds from the one in Dixon. It saw NO maintenance, but the Wilson family lived there. It had an out-door privy.
  7. quiz: Year of the picture ?
    Lebanon's Depot - Lebanon's South Pacific and Its Other Railroads over 150 Years
    ^^^ ^^^
    The first railroad reached Lebanon in 1869 by the South Pacific Rail Road Company of Missouri which had incorporated May 12, 1868 for only $300,000. It took control of the SW branch on July 1, 1868 from the Southwest Pacific Railroad where the 1866 Atlantic & Pacific had been a major investor.
    By the Southwest Pacific Railroad in 1866 to 1868, the rails had been constructed from ~ Rolla to ~ Arlington, MO near the Gasconade River. [ The Pacific Railroad had grated the railbed there before it defaulted ].
    From there the South Pacific RR Company of MO started their westward construction in July 1868, getting the rail line to Lebanon in 1869. A passenger train of the South Pacific RR reached north Springfield on May 3, 1870.

    Oct. 6, 1869 the South Pacific started business for fright and passenger services to Lebanon. They then owned the SW branch rail line from Franklin (Pacific, MO now) to Lebanon. In 1870 the South Pacific's reached north Springfield. They then owned the SW branch rail line from Franklin (Pacific, MO) to Springfield.

    1870 Map from St. Louis to Springfield for the South Pacific's SW branch.
    Interactive MAP Link ;

    .....[,0.048,1.084,0.467,0 ].
    .....[ Click on the map to zoom in. Then move around and zoom in more ].
    .....[ This 1870 map shows the other surrounding railroads and
    .....some of the planned constructions for the future are also shown ]. .

    1871 the first locomotive into Springfield,of the new Atlantic and Pacific Missouri Division railroad.
    [ Frisco Musuem photo; Alan Schmitt, embezzler, WAS Executive Director of the Frisco Museum, Springfield, MO. ]

    On Oct. 26, 1870 the SW branch line became the Atlantic & Pacific Missouri Division Railroad. For that the A & P assumed the debt of over $7,000,000. that the South Pacific had sold bonds to pay for the construction the railway system from Arlington to Springfield MO.

    Then in 1876 the A & P MO Div RR defaulted and reorganized to be the St. Louis San Francisco Railway Company Inc. who consumed that debt of the South Pacific R R Co.
    [ All of the SW branch tracks were operating by ~ 1878 by the SLSF Railway Company ]. By then those in Lebanon had seen its third SW branch railroad during the first eight years.

    The Frisco operations were until 1980 when absorbed by the successor railroad.

    References: --
    These newspaper ad s were by the South Pacific and Atlantic & Pacific Railroads*.
    [ * Source: Newspapers are on microfilm at the State Historical Society of Missouri.
    The Society has a project to digitize its microfilm of historical newspapers.
    These newspaper Ad images are from the Society's microfilm.
    Attachments below:
    - South Pacific newspaper ad in Springfield in 1870.
    - MAP of the construction route from Arlington (in 1868) to Lebanon (in 1869).
    - Map showing part of the 1.6 million acres Land Grant for the SW branch
    [ The Maps shows Land Grants from ~Rolla to Lebanon ].
    - South Pacifc Rail Road Companies' 1870 map for the SW branch
    then operating to Springfield, MO.-
    - South Pacific newspaper ad for services and operations to Lebanon.
    - The letter to invite persons to Lebanon for the South Pacific Railroad's 1869 Grand Opening Celebration.
    - Picture of Lebanon Frisco Depot taken sometime between ~ 1878 to ~ 1902 when automobiles started?..frisc-lobanon_depot-railroad-.jpg The picture shows a horse and wagon, but no automobiles.
    - Map shows SW branch operations during 1870 from Franklin to just past Lebanon.
    - Map shows SW branch operations during 1870 from Lebanon to Springfield.
    - Land grant acreages for sale. A 1870 statement by the South Pacific Railroad Company of Missouri.

    Attached Files:

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  8. In addition to the above, here is posted a write-up from the State Of Missouri Historical Society about the 1851 Pacific, 1866 Southwest Pacific, 1868 South Pacific, 1870 Alantic & Pacific Missouri Division and the 1876 St. Louis San Franciso railroads. All of which operated on parts that had been constructed of the southwest branch that originally was chartered by revision of law in ~ 1850. The law also created about 1,000,000 acres of Land Grants for the railroad(s)'
    for along the southwest branch.
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    From Richard Crabtree on the Frisco Rails Across Missouri Facebook group:
    The last Frisco Passenger Train at the Frisco Depot in Lebanon Missouri , May 13 1967.

    Cliff Kierstead
    Note the “Last Run” sign from Rich Eichhorst ‘s American Association of Railroaders group. One of their mottos, “Ride ‘em while you can!”
    Lebanon Mo - last Frisco Passenger train May 13, 1967.jpg
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