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Discussion in 'SD45' started by Steve40cal, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Steve40cal

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    I've seen a computer generated view of a Frisco SD45 L-shaped window on an older post so I thought I would share with you how it looked from Frisco SD45 915 if you were running train 537 on the Oklahoma sub in 1977.

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  2. Sirfoldalot

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    I like this.
  3. Rick McClellan

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    You were one lucky dude Steve.
  4. WindsorSpring

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    Thanks Steve40cal. Now that I know how it is SUPPOSED to look, I can work in that direction!
    Maybe we will get to see if it looks like that on the "High Line," (hint, hint dricketts!).

    George Nelson
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  5. Steve40cal

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    Mike Condren has two photos of Frisco SD45 924 on his web site showing the original L-shaped window and a later photo with regular windows on the engineer's side. I'm not sure when the unit was wrecked and rebuilt but if you wanted to model a Frisco SD45 without having to replace the cab with one of those L-shaped window kits this would be a good choice. You know how rivet counters are.... Steve
  6. Steve40cal

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    Oops I just saw a photo of SD45 933 with the same treatment on Dr. Condren's page. A 1980 photo with L-shaped window replaced with normal windows. I know the large window was expensive even in the 70s so it may have been less expensive to replace the broken larger windows with smaller windows, not just wreck repairs. Steve.

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