Extras May 1, 1977

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  1. mike

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    Extras May 1, 1977. PDF file attached below.

    SOURCE - Frisco Data Sheets
    Mike Lutzenberger

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  2. klrwhizkid

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    I distilled the raw data that Mike had posted and created a table using Excel. The pdf is the result. I could not discern stations VP and VF from all the timetables I went through.
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  3. Karl

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    The TPR book notes that VP is Valley Park MP 17.9. Might VF be a typo?
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  4. qaprr

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    VFVP-4 is a typo. Should be VPVP-4! (Valley Park)
    Mike L
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  5. WindsorSpring

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    What was the task for VPVP-4 ? Did it work industries in Valley Park? Did it go across the Meramec to the Fenton Chrysler Plant? There were, of course, locals that ran between Lindenwood and Chrysler in Fenton with parts and finished vehicles, but these were regularly-scheduled, not extras. These locals certainly did switching at the Chrysler plant.
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  6. klrwhizkid

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    Thanks guys for catching that typo; it was a direct copy from the raw text that was on originally on the post. The file has been corrected.
    The VP-VP-4 did indeed cross the Meramec to serve the Chrysler Plant.
  7. Iantha_Branch

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    One station that I don't see listed is Enid. I've seen pictures of extra trains operating on the Perry sub, so I'm surprised Enid didn't make the list. Would it be reasonable to assume that Enid would be listed as listed as EY?
  8. klrwhizkid

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    No, Enid's symbol was EN.
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  9. Iantha_Branch

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    Thanks Keith
  10. geep07

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    Let's make some common sense to this. In my honest opinion, (IMHO) about the VPVP-4 issue. VP ( Valley Park) was the reporting station in Valley Park. Train #4 was the assigned train number to serve the Chrysler Plant located in Fenton, Mo, There is an industrial park called Tree Court Industrial Park that Frisco served the industries located within. Tree court Industrial Park is located within the Unincorporated St. Louis County boundary limits, not Kirkwood. I guess some people think that Fenton, Valley Park, Kirkwood as a general area and hard to discern where everything is OFFICIALLY located.
    Hope this makes any sense! o_O
  11. WindsorSpring

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    geep07 is correct. There were three jurisdictions with industries that the railroad could serve at the foot of the grade down from Kirkwood: Valley Park itself, unincorporated St. Louis County (Tree Court Industrial Park) and Fenton (the Chrysler Plant). I had forgotten about Tree Court because activity there has diminished over the years.

    Were there any other industrial customers for the Frisco in Fenton (or Peerless Park) besides the Chrysler Plant?
  12. geep07

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    There were other industries served by Frisco in Fenton east of the Chrysler plant Chrysler plant know as Cassens Industrial Park.
    In Valley Park, there is Reichold Chemicals as of now. Prior, there was a glass processing plant where Reichold is now.
    Peerles Park, there is a 84 Lumber, sand dredging company. Prior to these there was nothing that I am aware of.

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