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    Drawings of Box-Express 465-469

    Drawings of Box-Express 465-469 (as published in FMIG Newsletter 25 - provided by Mike Johnson).

    I have an Athearn 3-pack of these cars, for which I hope to eventually have something for the "models" section.

    Original Numbers, as best as I can make out:

    If I'm misreading the aforementioned info, please let me know.

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    FYI. The Hobbydashery Inc in Springfield. MO offered custom painted MDC 40' box cars painted/lettered as 466 and 468 probably 10 - 15 years ago. Not nearly as sharp graphics as the Athearn. I still have one in the box.
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    Express Cars 452-464 Diagrams

    Express Cars 452-464 (Rebuilt from Pullman Troop Sleepers). Drawings from previous FMIG newsletter.

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    Drawing of 400-series Express Reefers

    Drawing of 400-series Express Reefers; Built 1-1911 by AC&F.

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  5. Karl

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    Re: Drawings of Box-Express 465-469

    Taken during the winter of 1970 at Grandview, Mo, 469 is headed south on tr 59. It looks like the steam lines and signal lines have been removed.


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    Looking at the photo of #467 on page 124 of “Frisco in Color,” it is clearly sporting a wooden roof walk. I can’t seem to locate anything indicating that these were delivered with wooden roofwalks. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

    I am finally getting around to trying to spruce up my Athearn 3-pack a bit: replacement doors, roof walks, steam, signal and train line and new trucks. Not sure if I want to replace side ladders and grabs or not.

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