E unit coupler shrouds

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    I have been looking at photos of the coupler shrouds of E units and wondering on how they worked. Did they slide open or hinged? I noticed on a E7 photo it appeared the coupler pocket and the strike plate was on a sliding mechanism and locked in place. Some photos appeared that they where removed permanently. I guess the engine shop got tired of hammering the dents and getting them to fit and close. I was also wondering on how the coupler lift bars worked in conjunction with the shroud doors?
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    I am sitting at my desk doing this from memory, but I believe E8 shrouds were sliders. E7 shrouds were hinged.

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    This diagram comes from an E7 Operators Manual

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    Good Find!
    Knew that it had to slide out based on some of the photos.
    The strike plate bulging out was the clue.
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