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    I also worked with Precision Design Co. (Bill Brillinger) to make a FRISCO billboard boxcar decal set.

    Something along the lines of this 1907 ACF car.


    The set, shown below, rendered on the Accurail 36-ft blank for demo purposes, includes data for 36-ft or 40-ft cars.


    I have two sheets (20 sets) from my initial purchase, so let me know if you would like a set. Asking $6 + stamp to recoup some of the cost. You can also request from Bill at Precision Design should you wish to get a whole sheet, etc.

    -Bob T.
  2. Robert, you should have title. Manager of Manufacturers and Vendor Relations.

    Sorry, it is not a higher pay grade.
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    Thanks. An honor for sure. Maybe deputy behind Keith for decals. If anyone can recommend a model for this ACF car, would be appreciated. I am attempting to modify some other 40-ft wood boxcars at the moment with limited success.

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