Combination Steel-Wood, Pin-Connected Pony Truss, Bridge B-186.2 Williams Creek

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    This is a recent post card acquisition of the Frisco’s bridge over Williams Creek at Mt Vernon, MO. The structure is an usual combination wood-steel, pin-connected pony truss. Whenever possible, the Greenfield and Northern railroad held-down construction costs by limiting earthwork, and by foregoing concrete/masonry work in its bridges. In this case, 4, 8-pile bents supported the 71 foot truss. During November 1922, the Frisco replaced the truss with 4, 5-pile bents.

    SLSF Mt. Vernon.jpg
    Aurora Branch Bridge B-186.2 at Williams Creek

    B&B Record

    Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 7.44.18 PM.png
    USGS 7-1/2 Minute Topo Sheet, 1971

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