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    Hello Frisco Folks

    Here is some photos that I came across of the Frisco Depot in Claremore, Ok

    Take care, Rich

    Ship it on the Frisco!

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  2. Another Clarmore Depot Postcard


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  3. railroadguy65

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    :) Claremore, Ok Station - 1933 Sanborn map

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  4. Steve40cal

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    In the second photo the truck and motorcar belonged to the Frisco signal inspector William Endecott. The maintainer at that time was Carl Bradshaw and the motorcycle belonged to the depot Agent. If one of these Frisco guys I work with remembers his name I'll put it on here. Steve BNSF Railway |-|
  5. Ranma

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    Here are some pictures of Claremore. I can sort of see the old platform but what is the small brown building?

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  6. mvtelegrapher

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    I think the brown building is not railroad but commercial.

    John Chambers
  7. Ranma

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    I wonder who owns the siding at the old station site? I am thinking about getting a railcar but have no place to park her.
  8. Nola Muns

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    The brown building at one time was our city police department and highway patrol. I'm thinking these pictures were taken after the depot was torn down. Nola.
  9. Nola Muns

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    Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures.
  10. Ronnie Gracy

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    The name of the depot agent in Claremore was Ronnie Gracy - the motorcycle was a 1985 Motoguzzi 850T which was mine - I started working in Claremore Depot in 1973 when depot agent George Picket retired - I worked there until it closed & can't remember for sure when that was.
  11. qaprr

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    Claremore, My Photo, early Eighties
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  12. gstout

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    Doesn't look too busy, does it?

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  13. magistrate

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    Looks in good shape though.

  14. gjslsffan

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    Weeds growing in the corners, signal mast intact, still see the tracks to the motor car shed, jointed rail. And all in good shape, maintained very well before 1980 for sure.
  15. Coonskin

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    Suspect the pic was after the depot being de-commissioned. Such happened to the Van Buren depot sometime mid-70s.

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