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    The attached files are taken from a Visitor's Guide to the St. Louis area published in 1905. The Frisco controlled the C&EI from about 1902 to 1920. The first scan is a full page advertisement for the railroad's passenger trains to Chicago while the second scan is a map of the system on one page and the timetable on the other.


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    The Frisco control of the C & EI ended in 1913 when it and the C & EI entered receivership.
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    Rich, thanks for the map. It's interesting to note that the Frisco did not build their yard and town at Chaffee, MO until late 1905. The map doesn't even show a spot for Chaffee on it.

    However, as my puny efforts at research have always indicated, B.F. Yoakum's Frisco System and its accompanying control of the C&EI were part of the impetus behind Chaffee's creation. St. Louis-Memphis traffic on the old StLM&SE and C&EI traffic crossing at Thebes, IL created the need for a new, larger yard facility. The Frisco System had neither the space to expand at Cape Girardeau nor the apparent will to pay for already developed land to expand.

    Prior to 1913, I think I've seen C&EI timetables documenting Cape Girardeau-Chaffee-Chicago passenger trains via C&EI iron. I would have to double-check; it's packed away somewhere.

    Even after the Frisco divested itself of C&EI property after receivership, the C&EI still used Chaffee as a terminal. Ken McElreath has documented a Chicago streamliner, the Meadowlark, terminating at Chaffee in the 1950s for a short time. And even into the 1960s, I've seen a switch list (courtesy of Karl) showing a C&EI "Chaffee Turn."

    I'm not sure I've ever seen photos of C&EI motive power or passenger cars on the Missouri side of the river.

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