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    SLSF 1 - Buena Vista on merger inspection train 5/10/76

    SLSF 1/Southern "Buena Vista on merger inspection train 5/10/76 Springfield, MO. Photo by Robert Tribble.

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  2. pbender

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    A Recent Addition to my collection.

    SLSF #1 at Springfield,MO 4-12-1975. Photo is credited to Jim Wilson.

    Also visible is the B end of #2 on the Right side of the image.


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  3. Does anybody have a floor plan for SLSF # 1 ???


    Larry Seale
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  4. Springfield 1977

    Earl "Bud" Tankersly. long time Harvey House cook. My dads uncle. His little house was between the Coke plant and Frisco line in Springfield.

    Me 120lbs and 40 years ago. HA
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  5. frisco1522

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    Would be a lot nicer in Zephyr Blue and white.
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  6. At least its black and white Don,:D the orange was sure awful on these.
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  7. frisco1522

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    I was never a fan of O/W on anything. As soon as it got dirty, it really looked like crap.
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  8. geep07

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    I would like to know who had the final decision on the O/w paint scheme on anything the Frisco had. I would bet that there where several paint scheme that where proposed before the final one as we now have.
    If anyone out there has anything on this, let's hear about this!
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  9. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Well, you would need to go way back. I remember going into the Diesel Shop as a kid of 6 or 7 and seeing the covered Wagons in the shop being repaired. I walked down the raised walks on both sides. Lots of B & Y's also. Pretty neat ! 1959
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  10. meteor910

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    I'd bet somebody in the office liked the GM o/w demo scheme, asked GM, and GM said it was available as SLSF was a good EMD customer. I never saw anything else in between b/y and o/w. But, I'm just guessing.
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  11. geep07

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    I was wondering if there was a different variation of the O/W.
    Like all Chevy Engine Block Red with White FRISCO lettering and chevron stripes type of thing.
    My imagination is starting to spin.....
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  12. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Let your imagination go where it wants .....

    ps - There was some variation. I didn't think the GE o/w was the same shade as the EMD version. Later EMD's seemed to me to also be a bit heavier of red/orange leaning to more red. (GP40-2's for example). Plus they all faded a bit over time, and like Don said did not show grime well.
    Of course the b/y got filthy as well.

    The Chevy V-8's changed as well. We had a 1957 BelAir 283 V-8, red/orange. Later a 1962 Impala came our way - also a 283 V-8; don't remember, but I'd say still red/orange. Then I got a 1964 327 V-8 Impala SS when I graduated from MSM, heavier on the red. Heck of an engine though! I'm not sure I remember the cu in correctly. The '57 was a 283 I'm sure. But, was the 1962 a 327 and the 1964 a 350? Don't remember clearly.
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  13. 248C763E-C69F-474E-BAC0-2C93E055523C.jpeg 56F18413-6250-4C3F-B825-719A64621C80.jpeg Going through some stuff my grandma had given me a while back and found a few pics I’ll post on the site. She took great photos which I think my dad has. She carried several cameras at once and all these looked to be from one of her spares. But better than nothing right?

    #1 in Springfield. May 1977

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