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Discussion in 'GP7' started by Iantha_Branch, May 16, 2011.

  1. Iantha_Branch

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    Hi all, I found this while looking at pictures online. I knew that Amtrak bought two GP7's (610 & 621) which became AMTK 760 & 761. I know they stayed in O&W for a few years before repainting. And I had always thought that nothing was left in O&W after 1983 thanks to BN. Well one made it to 1990 with O&W paint according to the date on the photo.

  2. Rick McClellan

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    Amazing. Nice work Ethan.
  3. meteor910

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    Ha! Thanks Ethan, good to see. And, great to see she is still carrying Frisco's all-time favorite five-trumpets forward Leslie horn! The Frisco probably had upwards of 150-175 locomotives that used this horn at one time.

  4. Iantha_Branch

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    After Ken pointed out the air horn I noticed something else. Amtrak changed two things.

    1. Removal of frisco lettering and patching
    2. removal of roof beacon. But if you look the base to it is still there, they just took out the lens and lights

  5. meteor910

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    Ethan - Any idea what the Frisco road number was for this Amtrak GP7?

    Note also, they have removed the spark arrestors, which this Frisco geep almost certainly would have carried, and that it now has a Sinclair radio antenna on the short hood - a type the Frisco never used. The Sinclair antenna was a favorite of eastern roads - PRR in particular. The Frisco would have used a "nail" antenna, a "firecracker" antenna, or a whip antenna, if this unit was equipped with a radio during its SLSF time.

    Locomotive forensics - ain't it fun? !!!


    PS: Note this Amtrak geep still has the speed recorder in the Frisco preferred location for GP7's: front truck, second axle, right side.
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  6. Iantha_Branch

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    As I mentioned in the initial post Amtrak got two of them. 610 & 621. 610 became 760 and 621 became 761.

  7. FRISCO4503

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    I wonder if this unit or the other one Amtrak Purchased are still running today. You don't see many of these running anymore.
  8. meteor910

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    Ethan - Sorry, I blew past the fact you mentioned the road numbers in your initial post. Thanks.

    Interesting - SLSF 610 was a passenger geep.

  9. cthart

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    What happened to all the rest of the 128 GP7s? According to there were no ex-Frisco GP7's on the BN roster.


  10. pensive

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    According to Marre/Harper's Frisco Diesel Power, all Frisco GP7s were traded in or sold off by 1979, before the BN merger in 1980. Many of them ended up in the rebuild programs of C&NW and ICG.

  11. yardmaster

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    Wow. Nice find, Ethan! The shadows of the old Scotchlite stripes on the short hood are still visible.

    Would the circular base on the short hood up against the cab be the remnant of a boiler? I don't have anything handy that indicates which GP-7s were boiler-equipped for dual freight-passenger use and don't have time right now to search.

    Best Regards,
  12. meteor910

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    Ethan called it correctly. Several of the Frisco GP7's had a flashing beacon mounted up there at the back end of the short hood. Plus, 621 was not a passenger geep.

  13. yardmaster

    yardmaster Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    Thanks, Ken and Ethan for the information. I don't wander out of my steam cab too often, so my ignorance is even more pronounced with the diesels. :)

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