BN 5774 EX FRISCO 836

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  1. I noticed in the archives that BN 5774 (patch), formerly Frisco 836 has "CRISCO" on its hood rather than FRISCO. Does any one know the story behind that? Doesn't appear to be due to a door swap out. Perhaps was a vandalism issue or an employee trying to be funny. There are two different dates and locations that this unit was photographed and both have the CRISCO lettering. It is unique and amusing and as i have a spare Frisco Atlas U30B shell will reincarnate the 836 CRISCO in HO.
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    Reminds me of the "Frisco Crisco" lettered 100-ton coal hoppers.
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  3. Charlie Dischinger (sp?) had a pretty neat collection of photos of misspelled Frisco Uboats I wish I had copies of. There are a couple more in the archives too.
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    I think that SouthWest Airlines hired the painters afterwards to do the "Wanta Get Away" end zone commercial of the Kansas City Chefs!
  5. The Frisco U boats are pretty funny but my favorite has to be the Lincoln Garin covered hopper that ran for years and Tangent eventually made a model of. Funny too when youi read reporting marks how many times it will have a return address with the city spelled wrong. Oops... HA

    Karl, if you search for some of the others you will also notice the stripes don't always line up after the doors get swapped around. There are some funny paint jobs in the archive pics. The stripes look like a Chinese dragon in a parade.
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  6. I thought of you today Karl. At work I saw a CSX CW44AH go by. I only saw the engineers side. But most of the unit was the dark future scheme with the boxcar. But this had 6 or 7 doors from an old gray unit. So the side had the boxcar, then had half a yellow big C on the blue door then half a blue small C a small blue S followed by half a large yellow X back on the dark blue door. The gray doors had a totally different color blue stripe top and bottom on the doors. The small letters about halfway down and half the size of the big CSX. Looked like a turbo burn unit scar but the top wasn't scorched, maybe it was re-painted? I wish I could have got a picture for you but I never expected it to be going by.
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