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    I was in Birmingham this weekend doing a bit of railfanning. Didn't make it to any Frisco tracks (rode Amtrak from Tuscaloosa). So I was doing some map research and began to wonder how Frisco got into Birmingham Station. Did they even use the downtown terminal or did they have their own station?
    I can see how Frisco arrived in the city but after that what happens? Was the yard in Birmingham the end of the line?
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    Try to find a copy of Birmingham Rails by Marvin Clemmons and Lyle Key (ISBN :13:978-0-615-14353-8)! Loaded with RR info and photos from around Birmingham including great detailed maps! Good coverage of the Frisco and all the other roads that served Birmingham.


    Edit: That book has sold out: Better try a library or eBay.
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    Check out this site as well, Has loads of info on bham and maps of the rails. I have the sanborn maps too. Just not at my home puter right now.
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