American at Lilbourn, MO 1913

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  1. I recently was provided a copy of the attached photo. It was taken by a New Madrid photographer but I am guessing it was taken at Lilbourn, MO. The buildings in the background would be about the right location for downtown Lilbourn. The photograph appears to be dated __ 17 13. The locomotive is decorated with lots of small U.S. flags--I can make out numbers 2__2 on headlight, but the Frisco logo on the front is just barely visible. Any help in identifying event, etc. would be appreciated.
    Lynn N. Bock
    New Madrid, MO
    Train Photo taken by Waters New Madrid.jpg
  2. Jim James

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    I'm no help to you but that's my favorite class of locomotive in my favorite era. Thanks for posting that.
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    Lynn -
    First of all, welcome to the group!

    I'm wondering if this was a SL-SF/predecessor line, or if it would have been St. Louis-Southwestern, which had two lines crossing the Chaffee Subdivision within Lilbourn?

    The diamond-like logo on the tender is one I've not seen before. Maybe a quick search of any Frisco documents (employee cards, old employee magazines) would provide some verification on the train crew?

    Either way, I'll echo Jim's comments: thank's very much for sharing!

    Best Regards,
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    I am not sure where Lilbourn is, but here is a story about one of my ancestral cousin' family. Dreadfull!

    Cannelton Enquirer 21st of August 1909

    Five Persons -All Children of One Family- Killed By Train. Awful Accident Befalls Former Cannelton Family at Holcomb, Mo.---Five Children of Ansel Hyde Die Together. Details of a most shocking accident were received in this city on Monday last from Holcomb, Mo. Fuller particulars followed the wire in a letter to Shubel Little on Wednesday which told of the almost total wiping out of the entire family of Ansel Hyde. who formerly resided on Deer Creek near this city. Five of the children of Mr. Hyde were hurled to death by a fast train on the St. Louis and San Francisco railway at a crossing near Holcomb. Mo. The particulars given in the letter are to the effect that as the five children of Mr. Hyde were driving to church on Sunday evening about seven o'clock, and while only a short distance from their home, they started to drive over the tracks of above named railroad about the time a fast train was due to pass that point. They were driving a team of mules attached to a surrey. Just as they were upon the track the mules became frightened at the sudden appearance of the headlight of the rumbling engine pulling the fast train and refused to cross the track. The surrey was left directly upon the track as the speeding engine with its long train of coaches bore down upon the occupants and there was no chance of escape for any of them. In the surrey was Misses Lela, 23, Julia, 20, Susie, 12, and Charlie, 26, and Jesse, 17. The three girls and the brother Jesse, were killed instantly. Charlie lived with his back broken in two places until 4 o'clock Monday evening. The five unfortunate children were buried at their home, near the scene of the terrible accident, on Monday and the five bodies were laid to rest in one grave. It is seldom that such an accident is recorded where five children of one family meet an accident of this kind and that results are fatal to all. Some time ago Mr. Hyde went from this place to Missouri to occupy a farm belonging to Mr. Shubel Little. With him went his six children, five of whom met their tragic deaths on Sunday evening last. One son, Marion, 15 years old, remained at home with his father while the rest of the family went to church last Sunday evening and he is the only member of the family now left to console the grief stricken father. Had he accompanied his brothers and sisters it is certain he would have encountered the same fate. The letter received by Mr. Little describing the awful accident is pathetic and states that the father's grief is indescribable. And why should it not be so!! Mr. Hyde and his entire family were well known here. He is a brother of Samuel Hyde who resides at Rock Island a few miles form this city, and there are many relatives of the stricken family residing near here.
  5. Karl

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    This is one of the multitude of "ancient" 4-4-0's that were lumped into the 2200 class after the Memphis Road merger. At the moment, I am certain that it's not the 2232-2237 class, which had a tee boiler. Need to delve further into the diagrams to figure-out which locomotive that it is. I don't believe that the diamond is a logo, but part of the patriotic bunting. Note the large banner on the first car.
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    Chris's comments made me take a closer look at the symbol, which adorns the locomotive cab. It is a rhombus with a cross centered within.

    The cross also has some undiscernable symbology attached to it as well. I have have been looking to see if this symbol represents any organization. Whatever the occasion, the US flags suggest some sort civic "celebration"; the cross symbology on the locomotive cab implies something other than strictly a civic event. The trees lack leaves, a window or two is open on the coach, and the crew aren't wearing cold weather clothing, so perhaps this is early spring 1913. The Civil War was 50 years in the past; is this a reunion of Union troops?

    Perhaps the Battle of Cape Girardeau, 26 April 1863?
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  7. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    With the cross it could probably be a church or Sunday school excursion or outing, like a trip to a youth camp etc.

    Tom G.
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    I'm not sure it is a cross. Maybe a stylized cypress or palm tree representing some type of fraternal organization? One thing is for sure, there are a ton of flags on the engine alone.
  9. mvtelegrapher

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    Could it be Masonic or some other fraternal organization like the IOOF? Used to be lots of those organizations and they would charter special's all the time.

    John Chambers
  10. timothy_cannon

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  11. Jim James

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    I don't recognize any Masonic connection to that symbol. The white diamond frame seems to be a separate frame and not attatched to the middle design. And is that a shadow in the middle or just a black part of the design. Hmmmmm.
  12. Jim James

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    Wait a minute. I think you're right, Timothy. I guess I need to go back to lodge more often.
  13. timothy_cannon

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    Jim, So mote it be......... PM Chaffee #615 (1996 + 2011)
  14. Jim James

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    Like wise kind sir. It's an honor. PM Harold O. Grauel Lodge #672 1995-96, Cape Girardeau, MO.
  15. yardmaster

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    Good catch, Karl - either my eyesight or patience wasn't willing to examine more closely. Either way, it does have the look and feel of a special train movement. Your thougths have piqued my curiosity; I may have to dig a little further and see if I can turn up anything either in the Frisco magazines or elsewhere.

    Best Regards,

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