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Discussion in 'SD40-2' started by Bob Finan, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Bob Finan

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    From my 8/78 trip to Tulsa.

    Hope they prove useful to your needs.

    Take Care,

    Bob Finan |-|

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  2. yardmaster

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    They sure look bright and shiny, Bob; thanks for sharing the photos.
  3. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Neat pics! Though I'm an outspoken fan of Frisco b/y diesels, I'm a big fan of the SD40-2, Frisco's and others.

    I had the opportunity in 1995 to ride in the cab of a UP SD40-2 (I can't believe I've forgotten the road number, but I have! It was one of their "fast forties") from Green River, WY to Soda Springs, ID out the former "OSL". What a blast! I'll never forget it.

  4. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    SD 40-2's were in their "prime" indeed good locomotives in my humble opinion.
    They were never as much of a pleasure to operate as GP 40-2's, but were not designed with the SD's type of service in mind. But over 20-25 MPH a GP 40-2 would pull about as much as a SD40-2.
    In my experience you could almost always count on a SD40-2 to pull it's rated tonnage, rain or shine, they would dig in and just go to work, and sounded good doing it,(not as good as a SD45:D). With extended range dynamics they were even better.
    They were very good by design, some of the last pre-microprocessor
    locomotives made, and would give you everything they had when called upon.
    Many times I have walked thru a consist en-route and noticed newer locomotives dropping their load's, but those SD's AMP meter's would be in or close to the short time rating, doing all they could.
  5. Ozarktraveler

    Ozarktraveler Member

    Love the pictures...

    I have an uncle that had a foundry on Southwest Blvd in Oakhurst in the '70's and early '80's. As you know, the rails ran parallel to SW Blvd at that point.
  6. Beautiful pictures. I used to live about a quarter of a mile from that spot.
  7. JohnFoster

    JohnFoster Member

    I agree with Tom the sound of the sd45 and pulling were great. down the scale was the 40-2. loved to run both 45s 40-2s any day of the week. I hated to have GE 800 for a lead unit , could not see ,16 throttle, auto matic in wrong place, ind also, a rope from celling to console. GE were great units 2-3-4 deep in consist. Almost forgot step getting or off were straignt , close together.Hi hood were not in style .

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