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  1. fredman23

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    Builder's photo? Also came with the Texas Special pic.
    Frisco FP-7 5045 copy.jpg
  2. meteor910

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    Note the Nathan 5-chime horns vs the normal Frisco favorite Leslie 5-chimes. I wonder why the Frisco picked the Nathans for the FP7's vs their favorite Leslies.
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  3. Iantha_Branch

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    An observation I made a while back is that basically all the road units before the FP7s had the dual A200 single chime horns. The FP7s for some reason switched to these Nathan 5 chimes. If you look around on the archive, you'll find some units that received these horns in the 50s. The Leslie 5 Chimes didn't start to show up until the 60s

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