1401 Full Lounge, nee Oklahoma City

Discussion in 'Heavyweight Cars' started by Karl, Nov 19, 2007.

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    Makes sense now

    Thanx guys

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    Indeed, this car has disappeared from the siding in the previous attached photo. I've tried to make contact with anyone at the MLR but no one is talking.

    I'm tyring to find out when this car, and its sister car, were sold to Royal American Shows. I think RAS bought them from a scrapper sometime after October 1965, but I don't have definite date.

    Can anyone help with that date?

    Fred Heatley
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    Just to add some information to this old thread...

    The camouflage roster as published by the Frisco Museum ( which is available here: http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index....e-roster-1948-1956-by-museum.4870/#post-34791 ) lists 1401 as being repainted to red/silver in June,1955 and 1402 being painted similarly in April, 1956.

    What I find interesting is that the floor plans for these two cars differed slightly. 1401 had a kitchen where 1402 had a Ladies Lounge. These were on the end where one vestibule door was enclosed, the two small windows at the end of 1402 seen in photos posted earlier in this thread are the kitchen windows.

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    The Tulsa # 1402 was sold to the Royal American Shows around 1966. It was used through the 1977 season. It has been in Florida ever since, to my knowledge. From 2003 to 2020 it was in Pigeon Key, Florida where is was being used as a Gift Shop. A recent post on a Facebook Group post stated it was just moved back to Marathon, FL. It had been stored there in the 1990s.

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