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  1. Tonya Zelch
    Tonya Zelch
    I purchased an item with Frisco stamped on it. Trying to figure out what it might have been used for?
  2. Larry S. Murphy
    Larry S. Murphy Rodger McKinney
    Rodger are you looking for a Collins, Mo depot picture? I have a couple which I would be happy to share. Do you happen to have a picture of a KCCS wreck at Collins in about 1912? I’m looking for a picture of it that wreck. Larry Murphy
  3. raiderhater015
    Hi, Jason here from Knob Noster/Warrensburg. Grew up near train tracks my whole life. Interesting to learn more of the history.
  4. Lisa Kay
    Lisa Kay Jim James
    Lisa Kay
    Hello Jim- greetings from Cape, as well. I tried to join last year,due to Ken McNanahan(?) Spel?
    Speaking of how the Frisco began in Cape
    Do you know what forum,direction I need yo take, on this great site?
  5. dacum47
  6. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar Mark Poley
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    2. Mark Poley
      Mark Poley
      Thank You!
      Jan 13, 2021
  7. sunnyland
    Mom was third generation in her family, grandpa came from Ireland and laid track to build Frisco, 4 sons conductors, 1 switchman
  8. sunnyland
    Have not been here for a long time, but my parents worked for Frisco, Mom at General office and Dad at Lindenwood Yard
  9. Robert Miller
    Robert Miller
    Alive and still kicking! Getting ready for the NMRA 2021 Convention
  10. Robert Miller
  11. mountaincreekar
  12. Gabriel Gerard
    Gabriel Gerard gjslsffan
    I really like your models Tom. Your YouTube channel was part of what inspired me to create an account on
    1. gjslsffan
      Thanks Gabriel, I am glad you like them. I appreciate your comments.
      Sep 18, 2020
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  13. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar Morailfan
    I am trying to think were this bridge is near Cuba?
    as labeled on Media number 4 's picture. ?
  14. Ted Johnson
    Ted Johnson frisco1522
    Hey Don will 1522 ever run again, if I does bring it up to IRM we can double head with 1630!
  15. mountaincreekar
    mountaincreekar Explorer Chris
    This mountaincreekar. One of your Salem Branch/Leadline/S&E-RR files has been removed.
    Secure your files.
    Give me an email at and we can discuss the situation via that back-channel privately.
  16. Elder Rick Jones
    Elder Rick Jones
    I grew up across the Frisco railroad Olathe, Kansas
  17. Curtiii
    Back in the States permanently.
  18. Bob Cline
    Bob Cline
    I'm a retired circus performer turned circus & carnival historian. I have written several articles in Carnival Midway & Bandwagon magazines.
  19. dwoomer
    dwoomer Joe Lovett
    Joe, how is Cynthia doing?
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    2. Joe Lovett
      Joe Lovett
      Cynthia is doing great, Thank You.
      Feb 8, 2020
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  20. frisco1522
    frisco1522 rjthomas909
    Are the ALCOs HO and do you have a photo?