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What's New on the M&SW Layout
- 4/1/00 Completed the wye in Snyder on the Frisco's Western and Southwestern divisions.  The wye has two timber bent bridges and one through girder.  There is enough space at the ends of the wye to turn any of the steam locos on the divisions.
- 6/15/99 A few new structures are built, so M&SW should be running trains as soon as the wye and turntable are installed to turn the locomotives.
- 3/1/98 Two back drops that separate Frederick from the track to Snyder and that separates Manitou from Snyder received the first coat of paint. m&swback1.jpg (12866 bytes)
- 10/07/97 All turnout motors on the layout are installed.  The Snyder Control panel is operating and the South Frederick/Vernon yard panels are completed.  Wiring continues on the Vernon panel and power routing via the turnout motors.

- 1/25/97 A Digitrax Chief is the latest addition to the layout. The old single control block is now divided in two, one controlled by the Chief's DCS-100 and the other with the old Bigboy's BD-100a. After counting the number of locomotives that could be running at one time, the management decided to provide a bit more load capability to the circuit.

- 11/25/96 The M&SW is now hosting a page for layouts visited by the president of the line.

The Kansas City Terminal Railway and the Claremore and Southern Model Railroad were the first two posted on the web pages. Included are track diagrams, logos, and passes. Layouts I have visited.

KCTR logo

- 9/24/96 New Construction South Frederick and Vernon/MKT staging roadbed is complete.
The tricky track design of South Frederick was completed a few weeks ago followed by quick construction of its the roadbed. Additionally, the Vernon and MKT staging areas, which begin South of Frederick and extend under the Snyder yard on the layout were completed. The 45 degree crossing and reverse double #8 curved turnouts were also installed. The only work remaining is to lay rail on the roadbed. It took a year to finish the trackwork, now...on the scenery, structures, equipment and OPERATION! The picture on the right is looking east of Snyder. See the new track diagram.

- 9/2/96 New Construction Snyder Yard is Complete
Roadbed and track construction on the Snyder yard is complete. The redesigned yard is now two feet longer and 42" high. A three way turnout at the east end of the yard connects to the southbound track to Manitou and is ready for expansion towards Hobart and Lawton. The yard has an increased capacity of ten cars over the original plan. The passenger car siding located in front of the Snyder station holds three passengers cars. A pocket track was also added adjacent to the station that serves as the house track. The picture on the right is looking East.

- Workin' on th' Railroad -- Railroad Art Prints by Tex Wilson
I saw these at a train show and couldn't resist them!
Tex Wilson, a railroad/western artist, through his montage art techniques has captured the character, environment, and hazards that surrounded the many thousands of rail hands who were "Workin' on the' Railroad" during that golden era of the silver rails when steam power was legendary, circa 1930 to 1955.

Conducter Etching

- New Construction 5/23/96
The subroadbed from Manitou to Snyder is complete. Construction was from quarter inch spline and homasote. Snyder's main yard subroadbed is ready for cork and track. Snyder hosted a four track ladder interchange yard between the Western and Southwestern Divisions. A new track plan should be available within a week. The complexity of the south Frederick track plan is resolved with a staging area for the Katy in SW Oklahoma and the Frisco in Vernon, TX. If I could only figure out how to build staging for Enid...

Roadbed to Snyder

- New Construction 4/10/96
Mainline and siding construction is complete in Manitou. The roadbed, track and switches are down and ready for traffic. The grade from Frederick is a bit steep at 2.5%, but the slow crawlers can handle it with ease.

Frederick has new crew quarters (two double family shotgun houses complete with two-hole outhouse and a dog house located next to a siding. The houses and accompanying vegetable garden are surrounded by a tall weathered wooden fence. Directly behind the house, construction has begun on a Shell petroleum storage facility that features one vertical gasoline tank and one horizontal kerosene tank. The facility has a small pump house and serves the local community with bulk petroleum products.

On the right are the front and rear views of the first structures on the layout, crew quarters

Crew Quarters in Color

- Construction of an East to West street that dead ends at the tracks. The first structures on the layout were built near the top center of the picture.

Street Construction

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