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    I have been noticing on just about all the diesel locos that were painted in O/W paint scheme that the step side sill edge were not painted white, or they were painted and the white paint faded to the point that it looks like it was not painted at all.

    Was this a Paint Shop random decision at the time of repainting O/W to paint them or not?
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    Hi John

    Your talking about the edges of the steps right? While I can't say for sure. What might be the case is, when the locomotives were originally painted the FRA didnt mandate painting contrast colors of steps and the handrails at steps.
    They have been painted that way for my entire career.
    This is a kinda lengthy read but item (6)
    Hopefully will shed some light. An interesting read.

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    Thank you so much for this info. I guess I will paint the edges white if the loco I am modeling has a photo of it painted white. If the photo shows it as non painted then it will be non-painted.
    Can't go wrong with this theory!

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