What if: Fort Smith Union Station

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    Used to be Mac Steel. Now it's Gerdau, or something like that. Lots of scrap metal goes their way. I've struggled up the river grade MANY times with too much scrap steel headed for the FSR to deliver to Mac/Gerdau.

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    For a little more information on the steel mill, it's in an industrial area off the MP's old Greenwood branch. You don't see it from Hwy 71, just the Planter's facility. Interesting that Andre hauls scrap to the FSR, but moot to me since I model Fort Smith in 1980. I don't think that area was developed then plus no room to do it.
    I haven't had any desire to fabricate passenger ops in 1980, but was just wondering if SLSF, MP or KCS did any kind of "customer appreciation" or marketing trips then, which could be the occasion for a special movement. But would those Con-cor passenger cars that have been in the box for 20 years be appropriate? I'll worry about that another time--getting the Fort Smith yard expansion wired and organized is first priority.
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