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    Hello everybody. Now that I'm back on the forums and have discovered the wealth of information I'd like to announce that I'm seriously considering on starting a massive Frisco route that would require some help from other V-Scalers. I'll end up posting a thread in the Trainz website forums, too, but I thought this would be a nice place to start.

    About The SLSF Missouri Ozarks Route
    -The Frisco was a major railroad with it's own identity without a doubt. It's 5000+ system covered 9 nine states, including Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee, A Midwestern railroad that went Southeast AND Southwest. However, the railroad's focal points are it's two mainlines, Kansas City-Memphis-Birmingham and St. Louis-Tulsa-Oklahoma City. These two lines met at the third largest city in Missouri, Springfield, "The Queen City of the Ozarks" herself. Here, the Frisco was headquartered and all its major facilities were located. Over 200 industries were located in town and the only one other railroad operated in Springfield, the Missouri Pacific. Springfield and the surrounding subdivisions were the heart of the SLSF's operations.
    -My project I would like to begin and finish would be centered on this area using Trainz: A New Era or Trainz 2010. The lines that would be modeled are the Willow Springs Subdivision, Lebanon Subdivision, Springfield Subdivision, a part of the Ash Grove subdivision, and the Ozark Branch. I would like to adjust the route so that it could realistically run operations anywhere between 1945-early 1960's.
    -I'd love to see this project through so if anyone is willing to help me please let me know!
    Cade VerHage

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  2. Repeated here if others have joined your chats;

    Hi Cade !
    "the Kansas City, Ozarks & Southern Railway, between 1910 and 1935"
    @ Ava, MO
    Elima Shay gear locomotive used at Ava, MO
    owner by: (12-1-1922) Ozark Southern RY Co., Ozark Southern RY #5, Ava, MO

    Elima Shay shop # 985, KCO&S #5 , Class B = 2 wheel trucks (8 wheel drive).
    fueled by 2 Cords of the available wood.
    Ava is on the Ozark plateau, relatively flat; .... Comparing to Sligo, MO
    where they used Class C = 3 wheel trucks (12 wheel drive) since those three Shays
    worked hopping between low valleys over the tops of very tall hills.

    Sligo's locomotives were Lima shop #s 1744 1929 2883 which were
    fueled by 5 tons of the available charcoal produced by the Sligo Furnace Company.
    Charcoal fueled the Sligo iron-ore smelting furnace and everything else,
    (consistent slow long burning within fire boxes).

    Every Lima Shay locomotive produced are described at website .
    KCO&S #5 's photo is attached (with 3 others). Photo Credit: George R. Kadelak collection (1922)
    KCO&S was the locomotive's fifth and final owner.

    Check out Elima Shay # 985, KCO&S #5
    when you go to the Railroad Historical Museum, Inc.
    Let me know what you find out! I study railroading, particularly in the Ozarks.
    Good luck ! mountaincreekar , Charles

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  3. Greene County Library Springfield Missouri

    Greene County Library Springfield Missouri - Bing

    Greene County Library Springfield Missouri - Bing

    Frisco Railroad Collections

    Railroad Historical Museum
    Location 1300 N Grant Street, Springfield, MO 65802
    Phone Number 417-833-0994

    [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif][/FONT]

    The Railroad Historical Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the Frisco
    and other railroad history. The nonprofit museum
    Railroad Historical Museum Photo Gallery

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
    Botanical Center atrium into a holiday wonderland.
    The magic of miniature landscapes and moving model trains transforms the Gardens.
    Presented by the Ozarks Garden Railway Society.

    Springfield Botanical Gardens 891-1515

    Holiday Events In Springfield
    Events | Springfield-Greene County Park Board

    Events | Springfield-Greene County Park Board

    Springfield-Greene County Park Board

    Springfield-Greene County Park Board


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