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  1. chris

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    TOFC Ramp, Cape Girardeau MO

    TOFC Ramp, Cape Girardeau MO. Located in the "Shops" area where yard is still in existence (off Aquamsi St. just south of the Mississippi River bridge).

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  2. ken

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    I once saw a new fire engine delivered to Cape Girardeau at this ramp shortly after it was installed in the late 1960's. The fire engine was transported in a boxcar with end doors.
    The one-stall metal engine house, which housed the local RS-1 or GE-44T switcher, was about 300 feet south of this ramp.
  3. chris

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    Swell info, Ken; thanks for sharing. If this ramp was used for TOFC use, it sounds like it was also more versataile..

    I know there is a large, long brick building to the NE of here toward the northeast end of the yard that is currently part of the Missouri Barge Lines dry dock operation; it looks old enough to have been used for the railroad, and from looking at old Sanborn maps, I think a turntable would've been in its vicinity. Any thoughts as to what this may have been?
  4. ken

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    I have many photos and postcards from the early 1900's of trains, facilities and steamboats/RR ferries around Cape Girardeau, mostly taken by my great uncle. They are in a scrapbook. It would be nice to scan these and put them on this site as they are fabulous. They show the SM&A, Frisco and many facilities,including the roundhouse in the shops area that you refer to. I don't have the capability to scan them, but perhaps we could collaborate on such a project.

    I also have photos that I took in the 1960-1980 time frame. If I visit my parents in Cape soon, I'll bring them and the others for you to see, if we can get together.

  5. chris

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    Wow - sounds like an impressive collection! Stay in touch; we only usually make it to Chaffee 2-3 times per year barring family emergencies, and usually those trips are well-packed with our toddler's "World Tour" to cousins, great-grandparents, et. al. (plus the trip to the main grade crossing in Chaffee to see the "too-too"). We usually go down at least once in the spring, once around the first of August when peaches are being harvested, and around the holidays.

    Do you still live in Iowa? If a sojourn to SE Missouri brings you down US63 this way, let us know.
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    TOFC Ramp, North Yard in Springfield

    Here's the old TOFC area at the North Yard in Springfield.

    Photo was taken November 25,2000.

    It looked quite a bit different when it was active. The best photo I've seen is this one from George Elwood's site:

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    A note about my last post (RE: North Yard TOFC ramp.)

    The track that actually still has the ramp in place is the second track from the mainlines. The two ramps on the track closest to the mainlines have been removed, and that track is now a complete siding.
  8. Re: TOFC Ramp, North Yard in Springfield

    Here are some updated photos June 2006 of the Frisco (BNSF) TOFC on Commerical Street.

  9. tomd6 (Tom Duggan RIP 2/11/2018)

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    Re: TOFC Facilities - Rogers, AR (July 10, 2006)

    Here are images of the two side by side TOFC ramps located north of Birch Street in Rogers, AR. One of the ramps looks somewhat newer than the other. In the 1960s and 1970s this area was filled with trailers that were hauled by road to Wal-Mart,Inc in Bentonville,AR.
    Legend has it that Wal-Mart asked the Frisco to build a TOFC ramp in Bentonville on the Bentonville Branch. The Frisco refused citing a concern that if they built a TOFC ramp for one customer then they would have to build ramps for all important customers.
    Wal-Mart may have wanted their own TOFC ramps as the Springfield-Fort Smith interdivisional freight dropped TOFC cars off at night. The Rogers switch crew would then deliver them to Wal-Mart the next day. Time is money and the rest is history.


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