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    I spent a couple hours on the layout today and got two more sections put up. I'm definitely taking a day off from construction tomorrow. If work isn't too busy, I intend to finish filing out this first peninsula this coming week.

    Jan 20.jpg

    Beyond that, I'm going to do some mock ups with second level benchwork. Before I can go much further with the benchwork, I need to decide if I'm all in on an upper deck or not. I also need to figure out how I'm going to weave in the knee braces to work with the first deck, and the ascending trackage. I'll go ahead and address that no, I don't plan on jumping ahead and building that second deck now. I have to make adjustments to the bench work to account for the incline trackage if I'm going to have it. I also have a revised upper level plan that I should have ready to present in a few days if I'm still going in that direction.
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    I hope everyone else is staying safe in this bad weather. I started out my morning with a nice slip and slide on the ice. Nothing broken, but I'm very sore and now dealing with another rib injury. Ugh.

    Construction is on hold until I heal up from this. In the mean time, I'll have some revised track plans to share later this week.
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    That's unfortunate. I suffered a strained back last Thursday when out playing with the pooch. I detest being limited to sitting on the couch.

    Hopefully you heal quickly!
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    My schedule has stayed full since the weather started clearing up, so I haven't made anymore progress on the layout build.

    I have spent my down time the past month redrawing the upper level. The attempt at tacking a classification yard onto the Memphis/St. Louis Staging wasn't practical. I forgot to remove it before starting the thread. I do feel that Memphis and or St. Louis needed more action than just a simple staging yard, so I decided it would be worth shrinking the Western Division to add to the Eastern Division (I'm incorrectly including Memphis in the Eastern Division here).

    What I've come up with is a better split of the usable space. Tulsa had to be shrunk and totally redesigned. Enid was shrunk, but is more or less the same as before. Additionally, there is the area next to Tulsa. I've had it marked as a spot for the Port of Catoosa, but lately I've been wondering if I need to try to include the coal mine at Mertz in some form or fashion. With the redesign of Tulsa, I added in a scaled down version of that area. I'm still not decided on which I would want. I can save that area for dead last in the build.

    After scaling back the western division, I now had more room for another classification yard. I started with the weird, overly ambitious idea of running operations for both St. Louis and Memphis through one yard. I scrapped that idea pretty quick. I made the decision to designate this new yard as Tennessee Yard for Memphis. There's still shotgun staging at the very end to hold St. Louis traffic, and now Birmingham traffic. It'll be a bit odd, but St. Louis bound trains will have to pass through Memphis to get to St. Louis.

    As always, feedback is greatly welcomed.

    40x40 Northern Divison 10 2nd Level v1.7.4.jpg

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    After a month's worth of delays, I'm finally back at it this weekend.

    I had a little time after work on Friday which I used to hang up a few decorations in the building. For birthday/Christmas this year I received a few railroad prints, which I had professionally matted and framed. I think they look great up on the wall. I also hung up the Blasted Mirror I ordered last year. I had this stuff setting around waiting to be displayed. I was worried about damage occurring if I didn't get it all up on the wall soon.

    Feb 16 1.jpg

    Feb 16 2.jpg

    That's all for Friday. I'll continue with today's work in the next post.
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    Today, I put together 3 more sections of benchwork. I would have gotten more done, but I spent a decent amount of time today putting together a mock up of the second level of benchwork. It's been on my mind for a while that I needed to take a look at how a second level would work on this layout. I used my collection of quick clamps to put up a section of bench work without actually putting screws through it. I clamped on a couple knee braces on for reference as well. I put together a quick scene with a grain elevator, a few sticks of EZ track and a few cars. I was a bit worried about clearance with taller buildings, like grain elevators. Overall, I'm ok with the spacing. There's plenty of room to operate, enough that I can stick my head under and reach all the way to the back to work and fix derailments. The benchwork is mostly out of sight of the first level. I know it'll be somewhat visible in photos, but I'm not really going for any scenery of the year prizes anyway. Another way to look at it is the extra operating I can get will outweigh the bit of interference it poses. Layouts are the art of compromise I have found.

    Feb 17 4.jpg

    Feb 17 3.jpg
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    With all of the extras out of the way, let us look at some actual progress.

    I keep working my way down this middle peninsula. The Rosedale side is to the point where it starts to fan out further from the wall, so that will take extra time to get the benchwork built just right.

    The La Cygne side is built all the way down to the end now. I dropped the last section down 3" so I can build the Mar De Cygne river scene. I will have a similar 3" drop on the other side for the Turkey Creek Scene.

    All of the trackage from the south Rosedale lead over to La Cygne will be built on spine (or was it spline?) sub roadbed so that scenery can be built down to the creek/river bed. I am hoping tomorrow I can get the last 2 sections put up on the Rosedale side, and then next week start putting together the spine structure.

    I would like to point out that I have to go back on something I said earlier. I will end up having a few vertical legs on the layout. I tried going with only knee bracing on the peninsula, but the wall just wasn't sturdy enough with out a leg every 8'.

    I did look through my track plan, and the legs should be placed in a way that does not interfere with operators.

    Feb 17 1.jpg

    Feb 17 2.jpg
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    That is quite the undertaking that you have going on.

    Looks like you should have quite a layout. We are using the spline subroadbed on a friends layout and are using 1'' strips of 1/4" of the Luan plywood and Titebond yellow glue. Using a ton of clamps to make sure it bonds well and trying to be very careful about getting all the strips lined up to prevent a lot of sanding and have a good surface to bond the roadbed to.

    Tony LaLumia
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    Another successful day of cutting and assembling lumber. It took quite a while to put the odd shaped piece together properly, but I was able to work it out. I now have all the open grid bench work on the first peninsula. I still have a couple knee braces to go back and add, but I'm almost ready to build the spline from one side around to the other. I'll need to get the deck fastened on and start sketching out my track plan to make sure I get the spline aligned properly.

    I am happy to report that with the bench work completed to the end with a few vertical leg braces, the partial wall is now very sturdy, and I have no further worries with it.

    Feb 18 1.jpg
    Feb 18 2.jpg
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    I would not recommend spline roadbed. Several considerations; 1) the pieces of hardboard used to create a spline must absolutely be the same width, 2) you will need LOTS of clamps, 3) it takes many hands to get the glue on the hardboard, get the pieces lined up and then clamped together. Then you need to be careful that any glue squeezed out does not drip where you do not want it.

    I have been helping on a layout up north of me where the owner insists on using spline and despite his advanced carpentry skills, table saw and huge array of clamps, we have managed to produce many sections of roadbed that needed to be power planed to get level. He also had splines that were not consistent width which created issues when we tried to mount tortoises for some mainline switches.
  11. Iantha_Branch

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    Example #15786 of me not fully understanding what I'm saying. I have zero intention of doing anything like that.

    My intention is to use the same 3/4" plywood that I'm using for the flat deck and structure, and cut it just wide enough for roadbed and tracks to be applied on top. From there I can fill the open space with chicken wire and plaster cloth and other scenery effects.
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    What is the vertical distance between the sub roadbed decks?
    It's good to place the tallest buildings between decks to verify clearance and lighting issues. It appears that the upper level is higher than it needs to be? So an operator of normal height does not need a step stool to reach in.
    You might want to consider using a cantilever brace with gusset plates for the upper level if the island peninsula will have a identical benchwork on the opposite side.
    Angle braces will be annoying, not to mention installing backdrop around them.
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  13. Iantha_Branch

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    Excellent questions. Once again, I forget to include crucial details

    I've planned on 24" from the surface of the bottom deck to the surface of the top deck. That translates to 21" from the bottom deck to the bottom of the upper benchwork.
    The bottom deck is about 33" off the floor. That puts the top deck 57" off the floor.
    On a previous layout I tried an 18" deck to deck spacing and it was too low.
    I've got a few ideas on how to brace the upper deck. The knee braces in the picture are the least ideal of all the options. I figured I would mock up with those, and if I was ok with them, I would be ok with the better options. I also plan on painting any visible bracing the same sky blue as the back drop to help it blend in.
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