Texas Special:The Train and its Equipment After 1/4/59

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    After the Frisco dropped out the arrangement on 1/4/59, what happened to Frisco train Nos. 1 and 2 and the Frisco share of the equipment? What about the same thing for MKT Nos. 1 and 2 and its side of the equipment?
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    The Katy rerouted their trains 1 and 2 to Kansas City and continued to call them the Texas Special until their demise in 1965. The Frisco redistributed its cars to other trains, in effect semi-streamlining them, sometimes even leaving the Texas Special nameplates in place until the cars were repainted. The only car not specifically repurposed was the sleeper observation Joseph Pulitzer, which was used for special charter trains for several years until sold.

    Ken McElreath
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    Thank you, Ken! Where can I find a list of all the Frisco passenger trains (main Line and branch) from WWII on and their discontinuation dates
    Glenn Fisher
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