Southern 6 axle Units?

Discussion in 'Freight Operations' started by Iantha_Branch, Jan 27, 2024.

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    I noticed something in an ETT a while back referring to Southern 6 axle Units running across the Mississippi River Bridge at Memphis. I researched this off and on and never came up with anything, so I've decided to start a thread to see if any knowledge or photos exist that I can't find online.

    What we do know from discussion in the Run-Through thread is that the Southern interchanged a lot of cars with the Frisco at Memphis. Both roads carried large blocks specifically for one another, but nothing in the schedules or operating data sheets indicated that they had a full on run through service with pooled locomotives.

    So to the point of this thread, look at this section of the Northern Division ETT from April 1979.

    6 axle units.JPG
    This set of instructions makes it sound like Southern locomotives did occasionally go over Frisco trackage.

    I'm looking for a reason why (if one exists), and or images of the two operating together (if one exists).

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