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    does anybody have a clue what the building (which is no a haunted house) was? its located due south of where the depot was on main st and where was the parking lot? i was down in that area yesterday and took quite a few photos for my layout thanks for the help :D
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    The muiti-story (2 or 3?) brick building south east (across Main from the depot site) was the Victory Mission until the late 1970s or early 80s. Before that is was a hotel. TAG can probably tell us the name of the hotel. Somewhere I have a photo of it shot in the mid 70s when it still had a spiral iron fire escape. In that same row of buildings was a tavern.

    John Sanders
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    That was the "Texas Hotel." My dad said one time (because my brother and I liked trains so much) he was going to rent us a room there!:) For more details about the station, go to the "Depots and Stations" section and check out the pictures on "page" 19. There was kind of a softball players' bar in there by the hotel called "Newt's Depot Tavern" and another place called the "Oasis Bar & Grill." The Oasis was a blue collar lunch venue by day and a rather rough redneck bar at night.

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