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    Hello everyone!

    I am seeking information concerning the railroad museum on the former Frisco Clinton Subdivision in Belton, MO.

    The included snippet from this video is what piqued my interest. I think I see the current coach as well as the ATSF 1508 in its silver scheme still, but the other three passenger cars are throwing me.

    Is there any knowledge as to what the passenger cars were in the early 1990s that are not currently part of the display in Belton?

    Any information is very much appreciated!

    Thank you.


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    The former Smokey Hill Railroad Museum has undergone several changes and splits of personnel over the years.

    The current Kansas City, Belton and Grandview Railroad museum at Belton has a web site that included a list of equipment.

    Please see the following link.

    Several folks from the former Smokey Hill group split off and started the Midland Railway in Baldwin City, KS. That organization has had difficulties over the years and has become inactive.

    Some of the equipment formerly in Belton may now reside Baldwin City, KS. I was unable to locate a current active web site for the Midland railway.

    However, below is a link to some information on the former operation. Please see the following link.

    The current operation and owner of the former Midland Railway is now the Ottawa Northern. Below is some history of the route and current status.

    Please see the following links.,5646841

    As has been documented, in the case of both museum operations there have been numerous ups and downs and status of operations remain dynamic.

    With the nature of volunteer operations, aging membership, internal political issues and financial difficulties it is currently unclear the equipment status, asset investment and long term viability of either operation.

    Hope this helps.


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