SLSF 99025, "Memphis" - 250-Ton Derrick

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    This, and my next few posts, is a follow-up to my 6-12-06 post. Please excuse the picture quality. The tracks run east-west. The low-level shots were taken Feb 24, 1984 after 4:00 PM so there was not much sun. High-level shots were taken from the interstate ROW visible in some pictures.
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    Hey! You posted these a LONG time ago...but I’m happy I found them 15 years later. The 99025 is still alive at the Transkentucky Trans. R/R today in 2021.
    Where is this location in 1984? Man...she looks in rough shape then.

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    It took you 15 years to find these pics. I just stumbled across your post while I was discovering that I had already posted my pics.
    The whole Memphis wreck train was at a scrap yard in Birmingham, AL. My employer bought scrap from them so I used a contact at work to get permission to enter their property to photograph the equipment. I am glad to hear that at least the derrick is still in the USA. They told me they were planning to sell it to Mexico.

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