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Discussion in 'Operations' started by Boomer John, Nov 16, 2011.

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    My West Bottoms line prototypically crosses the UP and MP as it goes up Santa Fe Street. In the mid-1950's how would these main lines be protected. I assume it would be controlled by Tower 2. I am looking at Oregon Railroad Supply dwarf signals.
    I am not lookiing for 100% accurancy, but don't want to be totally out of what would be realistic for the era. Can anyone help?

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    Missouri Pacific Kansas City Terminal Division Special Instructions No. 8, Dated November 15, 1954 indicate that their Santa Fe St. crossings were not protected by signals or gates. A flagman was sent to these crossings ahead of the train and movement was made on his signal when it was safe to do so. Anything controlled by the KCT would use US&S searchlight type signals. Dwarfs would be very common in this area.
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    OK, thanks for the information Kevin.

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