Salem, MO

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    Salem, MO - 1893

    Salem, MO - Photo from St.James, MO. Library. Copied by Pat Moreland.

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  2. Frisco Depot Salem Mo


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  3. Salem passenger and freight depots [3 attachments]

    SALEM, MO FRISCO depots & yard 1924 Sanborn Map vv
    <<< South. [^^ depot & freight house ^^]. North ~ 1 mile, just out of the city, was the roundhouse. >>>
    The double tract likely went pass the roundhouse where the locomotives were turned; .... -
    trains often backed into the depot.



    from depot collection page 67, white & black
    Salem Depot is also found also at page 64, blue print

    More pictures and the history:

    [an example of a Salem passenger timetable]

    Departure direction / Time
    / Train Number / milepost / Origin-Destination & Through Service to:
    / 9:45 AM / SLSF No.1,2 /40 miles Salem to Cuba

    Salem: Southward spur Freight services went as far as Iron Hill Mine
    and on the Salem southeastward spur to Riverside Mine.

    Southward trains were sporatic to business s, farms, timber cutting forest locations,
    mines and if passenger service it was normally by caboose since volumes were low.
    exSt. Louis Salem & Little Rock 1873. northward MP 0.0 Cuba, 40.3 Salem, 41. Iron Hill 1874 southward,
    mp ~51 Riverside Mine [Ziegler's Iron Bank] southeastward (which was ~ 1.2 miles NE of Doss, MO).


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